Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Prophet’s Thumbprint

Tipper may look like just a normal horse, but he is far more than that, Tipper bears a thumbprint in his neck now what does that mean you say well here is a story about it.

By Ilil Arbel, Ph.D.

“The hot desert wind blew against the tent, driving the dust inside. Fatima walked softly in, carrying an earthenware jug full of cold water, and handed it to the Prophet. "Please, stop tormenting yourself, Mohammed," she said, "drink some water!"

"I will drink when the test is over, and the horses can drink, too. I cannot drink knowing they are thirsty," said the Prophet to his daughter.

"I do not understand this test, nor do I like it," said Fatima angrily. "Depriving the horses from drinking for three full days is cruel. I cannot believe you would do it, a man who loves animals better than himself!"

"I must. Allah commanded me -- would you have me disobey God? The spread of Islam depends greatly on the loyalty and strength of our horses. The best of these horses, said Allah, will be honored till the end of time... But it is the evening of the third day now, so let us go to the horses and conduct the test."

He took a horn that hung at the tent’s entrance, and walked toward an enclosure where about a hundred horses were confined, a little distance from the water hole of the oasis. The horses looked reproachfully at their beloved master as he quickly opened the gate. Tormented by thirst, the horses galloped to the water hole, but before they could reach it, Mohammed raised the horn to his lips and sounded the call for war.

The horses ignored it. They were so thirsty that perhaps they couldn’t even hear it, and went on galloping toward the water. But not all of them. Five mares stopped. Without hesitation, they turned around and returned to Mohammed, ready to do whatever was required of them.

The Prophet stroked their silky manes, tears in his eyes. He led them to the water and envisioned the glorious future as they drank. He knew that these mares would foal the finest of Arab horses, the only horses of pure blood, the horses that would help bring Islam to every corner of the Earth.”

The five mares were kept for breeding and it is said that the prophet pressed his thumb in their necks marking them with his thumbprint. A horse with the prophet’s thumbprint is said to come from the bloodline of horses that belonged to the prophet Mohammed, it is said that a horse with the prophet’s thumbprint should be treasured and treated with great respect, and are thought to be lucky.


Sherri B. said...

I would say that Tipper is most certainly lucky to have come to live with you!

Seven Gates Farm said...

I knew there was something about that Tipper that was special and different. You had better be good to that horse Edward! Interesting story. Debi

Edward said...

Thank you both for your comments.

Sherri, I think he is a lot happier here, and to be honest I think he was probably facing the meat man if we hadn’t bought him, so he seems pretty lucky, lets hope he sees it that why too.

Debi, don’t worry I have every intention of being good to that horse, thumbprint or not he is a nice horse and deserves a lot of love and care.

Anonymous said...

I have a horse with a thumbprint, he's named Soverign Sovenir and yes I agree they special, I enjoy spending time with him.

tkhyatt said...

My Tennessee Walking Horse Stormy has this mark also. He is indeed a special horse who will carry his rider forever. I have seen many other horses give out on the trail and Stormy returns to the stable just as fresh as he starts out! A very spirited yet gentle boy, he will forever be my favorite horse!

Suzy Wong said...

Hi I have Quarter Horse Mare who carries this symbol on her neck. She is the most adorable mare, just foaled and her foal carries her nature. Wish I could put a picture up for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey every body I am a Muslim and I thank u that ur giving so much respect to my prophets horse. May Allah put u on the right path and forgive all ur sins. Thank u Edward for sharing this. I may be a kid but I am pretty great full

Anonymous said...

My little mare has the thumb print! She certainly is special, and I'm so lucky to have found her! <3

Anonymous said...

I have a quarter horse that has yet the print and she's very special, and I'm very lucky to have saved her

Ronnette Burnett said...

My yearling has this print so I'll see how it goes when the time comes

Jeffery Barber said...

You don't know the half of it.

The fact of the matter is that tipper has the prophets thumbprint because he is one of six divine horses that play a part in the passion play that comes to pass at the end of every Age.

Actually there have only been four horses that have been involved until this age. But because we are in the beginning of the end of time, there are two extra.

So far, tipper and one other of these divine equines have shown up.

The thing that sets tipper apart from other horses is not only the fact that he is one of the four horses of the Apocalypse.

That horse has a brain that has a soul. Tipper is literally a man trapped in a horses body.

Now, it was not Mohammad who was the prophet. Mohammad was not a true prophet. Mohammad was a divine seer. There have only been four true prophets in the history of the world. The prophecy that is valid through all four ages, is going to throw back to the prophet for the first Age. The prophet would be Abram or Abraham.

One for each age, just as there has been three battles of good and evil and we are rolling up on the fourth battle of good and evil that must be fought to end the Age.

Mister Ed, there, has a role in the final passion play, just as he has had a role in the previous three.

For the record, the battles that your my little pony had a role in have been the battle that is recounted in the epic of Gilgamesh. The second age was the battle of ten Kings. The third Age, is the battle of the Mahabharata.

The impending battle of good and evil is what is referred to as the battle of the Armageddon.

If his rider and significant other would kindly make her self known.

There's something else. When a human moves through the bright light, and either they ascend if they meet the karmic requirements and some other junk, or they are escorted to their next existence to find understanding so they can ascend on the next go round. When a human soul which these horses have, is made to go on to the next round, they are made to sit in the "chair of forgetfulness".

Subsequently, we do not have any memories of our past existences. Those entities that are not human but have a soul, are not effected by this. They cannot sit in the chair.

I recently met the young lady who embodied the Scylla, and she has very vivid memories of her past existences.

These horses as well have not only a divine conscious and consciousness.

They have vivid understanding of their past lives.

He is virtually a man trapped in a horses body.

Jeffery Barber said...

I'm sorry Edward, I assumed your horse would have a woman significant other.

We need to chat buddy.

You are now bona fide as "biblical". And are to be in the role of one of the four horsemen in the book of Revelation.

You have been in the same role thrice before.

I see here that you have experienced your awakening.