Sunday 16 June 2013

Not Bad for Six Tires and Three Logs

Here's just a quick post on some easy to make jumps, using just six tires (or tyres as we Englishmen spell it) and three logs. To start with here's a nice small jump, see above, with two of the tires at the sides of the jump to make a run out far less likely, and it's a cross, all in all a very inviting little jump, plus it's so small you can jump it at the walk.

This one is a little bigger but still inviting and easy to jump. The logs that we are using are all fairly heavy so if the horse does hit them he knows and won't want to do it again, but as you can clearly see the jumps are not solid so injury isn't so likely.

Now here is a more interesting and fun jump, a very nice little spread, everyone likes spread jumps right?

And finally we have some cavaletti which is quite nice and of course good for your horse.

So that's pretty much it they are all very small jumps but fun and hopefully we'll soon be dealing with the size issue by getting some more tires, and the best part is they are free because car workshops would normally have to pay to have them removed, so they are more than happy to give them to us, it's a win win

                                               Almost forgot horse photo, need one of those.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Hey I'm Back

Hello everybody it's been quite sometime since my last post, but I find myself looking back through my blog and feeling that I should continue it, so here I am. 

It's probably best if I start with a report on how all our equines are doing, this was going to be the bit were I go into great depth about how they are all doing but to be honest they are nearly always doing the same, they are happy, not working much, eating lots, and generally living the life of Riley.

And here are some shots of them all just so you can hopefully get used to seeing their lovable little faces again.

Here are some reminders of who they are just in case you are new to the blog or honestly just forgot about them.

Above is No Keep, his stable name is Niko but I have a tendency to swap between Booboo and Niko, he does most of the work out of our equines.

Above is Madeline Araxie, stable name well it kind of changes a lot but mostly just Mady she is the only mare in the herd and obviously the boss of the herd too, she doesn't do much work but she helps keep everybody in line.

This is Bold Hawk, stable name Tipper he's a lovely chap not a lot of use yet but he seems to be enjoying his relaxed lifestyle with us, and who knows he may find himself with a job to do soon.

This is Murphy Junior, seen on the left, stable name Murphy he is full of mischief and energy which makes him rather good fun to be around, I am currently hoping to do horse agility with him he's pretty good at what he's done so far.

And this is Bayfields Pippin Lord Derby, and yes I know big name for such a small pony, we normally just call him Pip. He is the only male horse that is still entire in the herd, I did want to have him gelded but that hasn't worked out just yet, still he is mostly a perfect little gentleman with me so I guess I can't ask for more than that.

So there you go that's the lot of our herd big and small I'll be doing a new post soon with more of a subject other than hey I'm back.

Well I hope you have all been happy and healthy in my absence, if I get the time I'll try to stop by your blogs and see what you've been up too.