Tuesday 30 July 2013

Sherwood Forest New Derby Boot Review

Today I'll be reviewing my new boots as promised. They are Sherwood Forest New Derby Zip Jodhpur boots, now I quote the tag "Developed for country sports specifically hunting, shooting and equine enthusiasts, the country sports collection from Sherwood Forest fills the void in country wear market." Ok well I am not sure I'd say "fills the void" but on to the review. As you can see the boots have embellished toe caps helping with style and of course boot strength, they also have front zips, elasticated ankle area all adding to a more snug feel and better ankle support, the boots also have pull on tabs if you care to use them.

As you can see here the boot has a fairly standard sole for a jodhpur boot, which is a good thing a boot with too much grip can be very dangerous this boot has just the right amount, also the boot isn't too wide so all in all the boot is quite safe in the event of a fall.

And now we come to the heel of  the boot it's a bit dirty yes but these boots had to be tried and tested, the heel has a spur rest although this photo cuts it off, just, it is there, nothing great but if you should wish to use spurs it's there. So now we come to the final opinion of the boot, it looks quite nice nothing too amazing, it is fairly well made and shouldn't fall apart on you, it is safe, and it is very affordable.

So it's a nice looking boot suitable for everyday use and riding at home with great value, but if you are looking for a boot with all the bells and whistles that will really catch the eye of the crowd at a show this is not it.

All in all the Sherwood Forest New Derby boot is good.

Monday 29 July 2013

Motivational Monday

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I've decided to do a Motivational Monday post every Monday with a photo and motivational quote, the image is free for re-use so long as the quote's author and myequstrianworld.blogspot address are left visible

Saturday 27 July 2013

Zoom Pony Jump!

Hello all, this post was supposed to come a lot sooner than it did but better late than never, so on to the post.

It's about jumping, I've been doing a lot of jumping of late, sadly I've only got photos of Murphy and I jumping, as you can see we did get some more tires to make bigger jumps. I think this photo shows Murphy has quite a nice jump although he can jump higher than this it's too tough on him for his experience at the moment.

And here's another of him looking quite beautiful over this jump and nicely tucked up too, plus you can see my own fine jumping ability, ok so maybe I won't be going over the bigger jumps with him.

I've also been doing plenty of jumping with Niko but I've got no photos of that so you'll just have to see that another day, but as you can just about see in this photo I have new boots! More on this in another post where I shall review said boots.


And finally a photo of our three beloved thoroughbreds that I have edited with some good advice. Well that's it for me for now anyway.

Saturday 6 July 2013

Equine Photos

Recently we've been looking for somewhere new for the horses to live, we've been to see a few places, but we aren't sure if we'll move to any of them yet, and also there has been some trouble with haylage because a lot of it has been moldy, so that's my excuse for the most recent blog neglect not great I know.

Now onto a different note here are some photos I edited.

I did this one first. I was just playing around but I was advised to blog it, I thought that if I was going to blog it I should do one for all our equines.

I did this one for Niko, I was planning on giving him a military feel to his photo but after awhile it ended up with this old film look, which I think rather suits him.

This one I messed about with a lot and got this which I see as a kind of magic dark fairytale look, and yes that was probably a very bad description of this photos theme.

When I did Pippin's photo I wanted him to have something cool, but couldn't find anything I was happy with in the end I did this, and although it's not what I was looking for I do think all four Pips look very cool.

And finally we have Madeline's photo it's very bright and colorful with the rainbow effect, I know but I think it looks ok.

Well that's it for now I hope you liked the photos and if you had a favorite I'd love to hear it. More posts on the way very soon.