Sunday 16 June 2013

Not Bad for Six Tires and Three Logs

Here's just a quick post on some easy to make jumps, using just six tires (or tyres as we Englishmen spell it) and three logs. To start with here's a nice small jump, see above, with two of the tires at the sides of the jump to make a run out far less likely, and it's a cross, all in all a very inviting little jump, plus it's so small you can jump it at the walk.

This one is a little bigger but still inviting and easy to jump. The logs that we are using are all fairly heavy so if the horse does hit them he knows and won't want to do it again, but as you can clearly see the jumps are not solid so injury isn't so likely.

Now here is a more interesting and fun jump, a very nice little spread, everyone likes spread jumps right?

And finally we have some cavaletti which is quite nice and of course good for your horse.

So that's pretty much it they are all very small jumps but fun and hopefully we'll soon be dealing with the size issue by getting some more tires, and the best part is they are free because car workshops would normally have to pay to have them removed, so they are more than happy to give them to us, it's a win win

                                               Almost forgot horse photo, need one of those.


Sherri B. said...

Well now, that is a very good use for those tires..actually, the best use I have seen yet!

Love the horse wearing the sun glasses, or maybe they are safety glasses..whatever, they look very handsome!

Have a nice week. xo

allhorsestuff said...

Great Use Of Those Spare And Worn Out Tires!
I Know A Place Where Many Have Been Dumped In The Wood...Hum, You've Given Me An Idea.

I Think I Know What You'll Be Doing Soon!
Adorable Cool Shade Look There Niko!