Saturday 27 July 2013

Zoom Pony Jump!

Hello all, this post was supposed to come a lot sooner than it did but better late than never, so on to the post.

It's about jumping, I've been doing a lot of jumping of late, sadly I've only got photos of Murphy and I jumping, as you can see we did get some more tires to make bigger jumps. I think this photo shows Murphy has quite a nice jump although he can jump higher than this it's too tough on him for his experience at the moment.

And here's another of him looking quite beautiful over this jump and nicely tucked up too, plus you can see my own fine jumping ability, ok so maybe I won't be going over the bigger jumps with him.

I've also been doing plenty of jumping with Niko but I've got no photos of that so you'll just have to see that another day, but as you can just about see in this photo I have new boots! More on this in another post where I shall review said boots.


And finally a photo of our three beloved thoroughbreds that I have edited with some good advice. Well that's it for me for now anyway.


allhorsestuff said...

I'm Dying Laughing...What, I'd Like To See YOU Jumping The Higher Jumps!!! Ha! That Photo Is Pretty Funny. Murphy Is A Good Sport.

Good To Hear From You, And Seeing Horses And You Jump Is Good. Very Funny Editing With The 3 TB's.

Any More Progress On The Relocation Issue?

Ruth said...

Gorgeous photos :) Yay for jumping.

Edward said...

Thanks for your comments.

allhorsestuff, yes there is some progress on the move we may have found somewhere suitable and affordable.