Friday 2 August 2013

How's My Riding?

I was doing a bit of flat work yesterday here are some of the photos. As no doubt you can see we've been rather lackadaisical towards getting the ragwort up due to the fact that we will soon be leaving, and our horses and ponies don't have a taste for it anyway. but back to the part of this post about flat work.


Niko was a fairly good sport about it, although I would have appreciated having my schooling whip but it seems I've misplaced it again still I was happy with the way it went. I don't currently have a instructor so I've got no one to tell me about the multitude of things I am doing wrong, so feel free to really go for it with that creative criticism.

A few things I am already aware of, one, I keep looking down, two, I haven't got Niko's hindquarters engaged enough, and three, I perhaps lean forward a tad too much sometimes, so any tips or advice would be rather helpful.


On a note unrelated to this photo when I try walking Niko on a long rein he is happy to have a good stretch and go nicely long and low but I find it hard to keep him this way, I was under the impression that when a horse is walked on a loose rein his poll should be lower than his withers which Niko's is but never for as long as I'd like, so any thoughts or help on that I would appreciate.

Visibly leaning forward in this photo bad me. I guess I need to get myself a instructor but that won't happening at least till the move so I've got a bit of waiting to do.

And now we come to the end of the post with this last photo, Niko looks nice I think, but he could do with being more engaged, and I am looking down. anyways that's it for my post today I'll have more up soon if all goes to plan.


Martine said...

Hi Edward!
You've got a really nice seat,look at your shoulder/hip/heel alignment in the last photo - good!
As for tipping forward and dropping your head, try some visualisation. Imagine you ARE Carl Hester riding down the centre line at the Olympics. Think of how he sits and see yourself the same way. This has worked for some of my pupils in the past.
Working long n low - try to get Nico to stretch down into a contact and work when he's in that shape, marching forward, you should see the muscle in front of the withers working when he's doing it right. don't just drop the rein and let him stretch for a bit and then start popping his head up to look around again. Work on transitions halt/walk/trot and also transitions within the pace. This keeps the horse attentive & obedient will help with engagement as well
Watch your elbows - mostly they look nice and soft but perhaps they stick out sometimes? An easy habit to get into!
It's a long time since I did any teaching so someone else might have better tips & ideas for you! Have you looked at Wiola's website,
she's an online instructor,she got a rave review from another blogger recently

allhorsestuff said...

Hello!! I've Been Out Of Blogging For A Couple Months...Doing INSTAGRAM For A Quick Fix.

You Look Marvelous. The Neat Gal That Commented Ahead If Me Really Captured Great Points. And I Couldn't Really Be Critical, Because My Least Lesson Was Months Ago. I Only Spotted One Thing And Thought Of Another For Relaxation For Niko.
Your Inside Hand Appears To Be Lifted Higher, Mostly Track Left.Out May Block Niko Or Create False Bend In Him. Try Releasing Your Inside Hand Periodically Forward, Among The Creast In A Fluid Motion And Back Again, To Contact. You Will Loosen Your Shoulders, And Niko Sould LeNgthen.

And Also, Think Of The Middle Of Your CheSt Having A Head Light...Shine It Towards Your Destination, It'll Open Your Inside Shoulder, And Help You Not To Block Him.

Loved The Wonder Full Shots!!! You Two Are A Great Team!