Tuesday 5 June 2012

It's Good To Be Back

Hello everyone it’s been the best part of two months since I last posted but here I am. It’s odd that my blogs hits barely went down during my absences but I am of course not complaining about that, anyways onto how the horses and ponies have been.

For the most part everyone is quite well perhaps some of them are a little on the chubby side but nothing to worry about, as you can see here Murphy is looking very healthy. I have started working with him on the lunge now in preparation for ridden work, if all goes to plan, which it normally doesn’t, I’ll show him the ropes of work under saddle this year then he will be turned away for quite sometime till he begins his more advanced work under saddle. So that’s Murphy.

Next dear Tipper; he has filled out quite a bit since I got him and is looking really quite nice, and his new summer coat is a lot better than his one last year so I am pleased with that. I started to do ridden work with him, but then I got ill and bad weather hit so the riding was off, but in the time that I was riding him I got to see some minor hiccups, one he dishes to a degree but dishes worse on one rein, no surprises there, but just after a little work his dishing was noticeably lessened. The other problems are minor and of no importance to this post. So in general Tipper is doing well but has a few kinks to iron out.

And here’s Madeline not the best photo but she was in a no photos mood that day. I was riding Madeline too but like I said I got ill and bad weather hit. The first day I started to ride her she wouldn’t go through the gate to enter the riding area, and then she promptly bucked me off slipping over in doing so, then wiggled back to her feet before proceeding to run around like a loon. After I caught her I re-mounted and we did do some work. After a few days work we made some good progress and I managed to get her stretching which is really important, so I hope it won’t be hard to get her back at the point we left off when I start working her again. So all in all Madeline is well and made a little progress in her work. As for her bucking me off I feel she was completely not to blame and I should have been a better horseman, for one I should have been able to sit the buck and two it was foolish to try ridden work with her in the mood she was in but all lessons learnt and all turned out well.

Now on to little Pip well he is not so little now as he has grown a bit, still short just not as short. Anyways on to how he’s been, Pip has been very well perhaps a little too well as he is still entire, I find this a little annoying but there’s nothing to worry about because he can’t reach Madeline and on top of that he is probably the worlds most incompetent colt he recently tried to mount Niko because Niko was wearing a black rug and Madeline was wearing a orangey brown rug so Pip got a little confused. Luckily for him Niko was surprisingly forgiving and just turned so that Pip fell off, he didn’t kick or bite Pip. So Pip too has been well and is still awaiting gelding.

And saving the best for last Niko, who has some how picked up the nickname Boo-Boo. in my defence I wasn’t the one to first call him it but he does seem to rather like the name so it’s kind of stuck and I call him it frequently now. On a different note I’ve been mixing up what I do with Niko as when I try to do flat work session after flat work session he gets bored and is pretty rubbish to ride, he’s been doing lunge, jumping, and he goes on very little hacks round the orchard, with of course still doing some flat work. So just like the others he is fairly well even if a little on the chubby side.

 Well I think that had better be it from me I’ve already written far more than I intended to. I hope you have all been well and are enjoying nice riding weather.


Sherri B. said...

I must say that I had become concerned and thought that you may be ill. Hope it wasn't too serious but glad to see you back again.

The horses look so good, you certainly take good care of them.

Hopefully we will see you again soon! xo

Ruth said...

Your horses look so happy and healthy. It sounds like they're doing well - I'm glad you didn't get hurt when you fell.

Martine said...

Welcome back to the Bloggosphere, Edward.
It's nice to see all your horses looking so well. Nico is just telling you that all horses need variety in his life, you're dead right to change his routine a bit.

Margaret said...

Looks like horsey paradise to me. Glad you updated us ;)

allhorsestuff said...

Waht a great summary of all the back to riding events and you. Sorry you were ill and I am sure that as I go back in Posts- I'll learn more.

They all look really good, especially "Boo Boo"!
L*O*V*E that Edward!
Once when I was having my mare's teeth done, actually the first time 5 yrs ago, I kept calling my mare "Button", the vet's assistant actually wrote her name up as that!

Mare's can have the direct way of telling you that they don't feel like it- Madeline's bucking! I have not listened too, and had similar results. Good you got back on though!

Nice starts to the summer here!