Saturday 21 July 2012

Joy of a British Summer

We’ve been having some quite terrible weather here, it’s been rain nearly everyday now for what seems like an age. Here is a photo of Murphy soaked and about to be taken in, it was still drizzling when this photo was taken but the camera doesn’t show it up. All the bad weather has stopped me from riding most of the summer so far which means I haven’t been able to get Niko fit, which is quite annoying because Niko is a roarer. He has had the operation to help him but he still makes the roaring noises unless he is fairly fit and then they go away.

Also with all the rain our paddocks have become waterlogged but on the plus side we still have the portable fencing so they are still getting grazing without sinking into mud. We’ve been feeding a lot of hay rather than haylage which we normally feed because lots of our haylage has been going mouldy.

But onto a slightly more cheery note, when I have been able to ride, Niko has been going really well for me, and I’ve been getting a really nice slow canter out of him and he has been doing a fairly comfy collected trot which is very nice because Niko is not normally a comfy horse to sit on.

So all in all I haven’t really been posting much for quite sometime now because there hasn’t been a lot to report with this bad weather, I am hoping it’s going to clear up soon.

Ps I am not falling off of Niko just giving hugs.


Autumn Mist said...

I've never known a summer as bad as this! Fortunately we've been able to ride, but everywhere is so wet, I've been hearing of horses getting thrush from standing in wet fields all the time. I'm worried there won't be much hay or haylage around this winter as so many crops are rotting in the fields. Hope you get some riding in soon. Niko is looking great in the pics.

Ruth said...

Sorry to hear about all the rain you've had. Lets hope it clears up soon for you guys.
Glad you've been getting some riding in though.

allhorsestuff said...

Te he he! That Horsey hug you gave Niko on camera, made me smile and chuckle too, so adorable!

Yes, I've heard of your woes with weather. We have Drought in the states and you have all the moist stuff. It all amounts to the same for horse owners. SHORTAGES of Hay! Ouu. Gonna be something.

Glad the boy is going nicely for you when you can get to riding.He certainly looks smart with you! You have such a nice frame.

Hang in Edward~ So nice to read from you and know that you're alive and the horses too.

Sherri B. said...

I don't know how I missed this post..I was getting concerned that you hadn't posted so just now I went to check when your last post was and here you are 4 days ago.

I know just what you are talking about with all of the rain. We have dried up here now but in the winter and spring it can be just mucky and a mess with the chickens looking like drowned rats...ugh.

Hopefully you will dry up soon and have some real summer weather. xo

Beverly Donald said...

Edward, your pony in the first picture looks like he's scared of the puddles! That's so cute, he/she looks a lot like my labrador at that point.

If he keeps up his wimpiness, looks like I might have to go for anything equine and get him a day rug!