Wednesday 7 November 2012

Not Much To Say

I haven't got a lot to say just a small report on whats going on.

It's starting to dry up, oh so slowly, so if the rain can hold off I'll finally get some riding in.

Also I realized that I didn't actually tell you guys how our equines are getting on so I will now, for the most part they are doing well. Madeline has perhaps a bit too much energy because they are staying in over night at the moment, Pip is well and still hasn't been gelded and now I am starting to wonder if he's ever going to get gelded but on the plus side he is so well behaved that he is really no problem, Murphy is good as ever and was working on bowing for me but now it's so muddy that's on standby, Tipper is really good and he has filled out so much since I got him, and of course Niko is his normal well behaved, calm self, I did get him to bow as well as Murphy which was nice because he is a full sized horse rather than a very little pony.

Oh and I have joined Facebook and have a fan page for my blog so if you happen to be a fan of my blog and have Facebook please go ahead and like the page, also feel free to add me as a friend If you want.

And finally just before I go I'd like to say thanks to you all for sticking around despite my long absence from blogger, and hello to my new follower thanks for following hope you enjoy the blog.



Margaret said...

I love horsey muzzles! We all need breaks now and again! Read the post below and how awesome to ride an Andalusian. I will be starting dressage lessons very soon. (I have a feeling the road is long and hard ahead of me) I will be doing them on my little QH - it is for "us" not for show. :)

Ruth said...

Glad to hear all your horses are doing well. :)
Fingers crossed for sunny weather coming your way.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there Edward,
Winter into spring can be rough without an indoor arena. Of course,I envy you without...because you are the sole caretaker. I've got to board.
So the lovely indoor is nice, but my horses injuries, because of ill stable management, are terrible.
And to make things worse....the owner reads my blog!
Yes,I leave out many details, and thoughts.

It's just got to be dryer there, somewhat more now?!!
We have a sunny day today , but grounds are drenched, so mostly walking the trail today.

Sorry to hear of the photo loss. It's like loosing some memories. Picasso dumped all mine the other night...I'm crushed to.

Well sir, sending Oregon's best to you. Check in please, from the Motherland!

allhorsestuff said...


allhorsestuff said...

Where Ar e You E?