Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween

As promised my Halloween post, sadly this year we don't have any cheap devil horns to put on the horses and take funny photos of them, oh well another year maybe. I had planed to do quite a long post but I've left it rather late so it'll have to be a short one.

My family and I are off to watch The Shining tonight at our local cinema, but as this is a horsey blog if you were thinking of a horror film tonight I'd have to recommend Sleepy Hollow can't beat that good old headless horsemen horror with Johnny Depp, plus I think it's a better film than The Shining but each to their own, and whatever you have planned have fun.

Happy Halloween.

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Hannah Hooton Books said...

Dear Edward,

I am an equestrian novelist soon to release my new racing romance, Share and Share Alike, and was hoping you might consider reviewing it on your site. Drop me a message if you’re interested.

Best wishes,

Hannah Hooton