Friday 10 October 2014

Riding on Stubble

 Only a short time ago Niko and I were given the great opportunity to go riding on a stubble field. It was my very first time riding on a stubble field, I am sure the same can't be said for Niko as he is a ex- point-to-pointer so no doubt it was nothing new to him.

 Niko was an absolute star for me and I can honestly now understand why some people go on about stubble fields the way they do, although none of the photos show it clearly the field was a great size for Niko to really go for it and let me see how fast he could go.

Here we are again not going at any real speed here but I'm sitting comfortably and Niko is going nicely for me. Speaking of going nicely I've bought Niko a new bit, it's called the Verbindend and is made by Neue Schule, it's a very good bit but more on that in another post.

And finally here we are all finished after a great time out on the stubble field, I think we both had a lot of fun, I know I did, and considering Niko's love of running I'm pretty sure he did too

More details on Niko's new bit and how he is finding it in my next post, till then I hope you're all enjoying life with your equines.


RDA Pony Tales said...

Hi Edward

I hope you are well.
Lovely of you to follow me on Twitter and so nice to read your latest post and catch up. Niko looks really great and you clearly had a fun ride out with him. I have recently been riding a friends horse over stubble fields and I enjoyed it too. All your other ponies are looking very well :)
Sadly I had to have Spotty put down last year so stopped blogging. However, I have recently started to write a blog for the Morpeth RDA Group at The Pegasus Centre which you can see
I will look forward to reading your future posts.

Kind regards

Edward said...

Hello Abby wonderful to hear from you again. So Sorry about Spotty, I've taken a look at your new blog it's great I need to make time to leave you some comments soon.