Wednesday 30 March 2011

Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys

Look at those little faces so loveable, yep that’s right the yard we keep our horses at has Miniature Donkeys, lots of them. The moment I saw them I wanted one, this is partly because I felt sorry for them as they are not looked after very well and it is also because they are, like I said so loveable. I tried to buy a little stallion, but when I asked about his paper work they said that they had it somewhere but in their words, “ It will probably take me like three months or something to find “, at the time I thought that I would just say ok and wait to see if they got the papers. After some time I asked about him again, they said that someone else was buying him and that they were paying a lot more then me. I asked when they were going to pick the donkey up, the yard owner told me that they had to hold on to him for two months. Quite some time has passed since the two months, and the donkey has never been collected, but I now realize that one of the yard owners will sell but one of them will not and the one that doesn’t sell will do whatever it takes to not sell, even lying about some one else buying the donkey. Thank you all for your comments. Abby I won the product by entering in to a competition in a magazine, the magazines name is Horses & Rider, you may have heard of it? Sherri b, thanks for the help, sadly it hasn’t worked but thanks anyway.


RDA Pony Tales said...

Thank you Edward, this post has made my day! I absolutely LOVE donkeys. I always said that some day I would open a donkey sanctuary... horses/ponies allowed too of course!. I would really keep pushing to buy your stallion, it is a shame that they are not telling the truth and would be better to be straight with you.
Well done on your win in Horse & Rider. Abby

jane augenstein said...

Cute little donkey's, I have a little spotted donkey named Pokey. He is Gilly's companion and they are the best of friends. Pokey is a little sweety but can be a little stinker too. But that's donkey's. I have learned a lot of patients by having a donkey, they are a lot different than horses!
Hope you get the little guy!