Monday 21 March 2011

A Mouse in Her House

It seems there is a mouse in Madeline's house, well her stable and there are three of them. I have to say I am not very taken by them but they are quite sweet, I suppose it's better than rats. And Madeline doesn't seem to mind them.

This will be my last post involving the bonfire as they have re-lit it and lit a second one, if I manage to get them out for good I will let you know but for now all my posts will be bonfire free. But thanks for all your comments on it


Sherri B. said...

Sorry to hear about the bonfires, hope the horses will endure it.

I don't like mice even if they are cute, but you are so right as they are better than rats!

RDA Pony Tales said...

I don't like mice or rats, they eat and chew everything! Unfortunately, where there are horses, there are rodents! (the horses don't mind them anyway). Sorry the bonfire problem has not been resolved, a second one is not a good sign either. Hope the horses are ok though. Abby