Monday 28 March 2011

Mud or Dust

What is worse having a horse covered in mud up to its ears, or having a very dusty one? I would say that I prefer a dusty one. Trying to keep a horse clean can be very difficult, dust is quicker to get the top layer off, but it really gets in their fur and can make it hard to get out. But mud is so much worse, it sticks in their fur and then when you brush it off it turns to dust, at least when it is muddy the horses are probably going to be wearing rugs most of the time, but as you can see here this was one of the times they weren’t. I find that Madeline is the easiest to groom because she only rolls on one side most of the time. Niko is probably the hardest to groom because he rubs it all over himself, and he really doesn’t like being groomed and has bit me on several occasions when I am bending down grooming his legs. It is quite a shock to have my butt bitten by him, and then when I go to tell him off he pretends that he has not done it. Thanks for all your comments, Michelle, Murphy is native welsh mountain pony, we think that he is a section B but we aren’t completely sure.


RDA Pony Tales said...

I think mud is harder to deal with, but worse still is mud on a grey pony. If I turn up late at the stables to help groom and tack up, the grey ones are always left until last. We have a couple of butt biters and when I tie them on a short rope, they then try and kick out. I am sure Niko would never do that, he looks too nice :) Abby

Michelle said...

My Rosie always took advantage when her blanket (that's what we call them here) was off. She would roll and roll and roll. Dirt and mud would be caked even in her ears! When Rosie's arthritis got really bad, she would only roll on one at least I only had one side to clean in her elderly years.

Niko is downright naughty for biting you! I bet you wanted to give a nip back...ha ha ha. I know I would have wanted that. He might act like he doesn't know what you are talking about, but he knows good and well that he was being naughty. They do try our patience at times, don't they?

Sherri B. said...

Edward, I think I am the naughty one for laughing, once again, about the actions of your horses. I thought it was real funny when you said that when you went to tell him off he acted all innocent, just like kids do.

allhorsestuff said...

Edward..too funny..Niko is like mine..infusing the essence of pure MUDD on both sides. in fact, she somehow gets it between her fron legs?!! And wears it as Eye liner, not very pretty.
Oh that blasted, glorious feeling to them, MUDD!

my mare hates being groomed. I have to preapprove by her, the grooming tool used, firstly. she still tries to walk away. Or if in cross ties, she paws the air-"PLEEESE STOP!" I have only the softest brushes too! The "Groom and Slick" charcoal block is WONDERFUL for mudd! She lets me use that, anytime!

I have been using my hands and arms in my private business for 25 years..and I am unable to groom all that glorious mudd send shooting pains to my foingers, I do therapy for my shoulders and hands...but to lesson it all..I must blanket!
Poor Washashe mare...sometimes I think..oh let her go roll in the mudd and get all pretty , funky, dirty. But I have not done that yet!