Tuesday 8 March 2011

Murphy Junior

Murphy is a pony, he is only a yearling but in just 3 months he will be 2 years old. We bought him last September from a lady who rescued him from the sales in Leicestershire, but he was born in Cwmgwili, Wales and he is on a Dartmoor Pony passport. How he ended up in an auction in Leicestershire we don't know.

Murphy's passport says "Breeding Unknown", but he is obviously a Welsh Pony. He has an ear notch which some Welsh farmers use to show ownership of wild hill ponies. However the practice of ear notching is no longer permitted under the Animal Welfare Act so poor Murphy was illegally mutilated. But now he has a home for life with us.


Louise said...

Murphy was lucky to find you, or you lucky to have found him!

RDA Pony Tales said...

What a great blog! You have some wonderful pictures of your ponies and horses, they all have lovely faces too. So glad they have such a good home. Abby