Saturday 19 March 2011

The Project - Stable Block

We now have a stable block of four boxes, it isn't yet ready to have the horses in as the floor hasn't been put down and it seems it has sunk on one side so one of the doors won't lock. But we have them now and yes they need some adjustments and some other stuff to be fitted but they're quite nice and they're made with log lap which is almost as nice as barrel board which was what I wanted but I am very happy with them. Oh and one of them has no chew strip yet.

And now we can begin to try and get Pip used to being boxed. We put him in the box for the first time today he was not very happy to go in the box but when we got him in he was very well behaved. He is back in the paddock now but we will keep trying to get him used to being boxed. I remember when we put Murphy in a box for the first time he tried to jump out, but now he loves to go in to his box at the end of day and have his hay.

And as of the bonfire one of the yard owners has agreed that it needs to be put out but she is leaving it to the other owner to do it and he is to lazy to do it so the bonfire is still going. If they would just let me put it out this would not be a problem.

And thank you for your comments on my last post.


Sherri B. said...

So good to hear about the building that is up and that some progress is being made concerning the bonfire. At least they are admitting that it needs to be gone. I am wondering how you might tactfully offer to put out the fire without offending the (lazy) man.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Very smart looking boxes you have there. I am sure Pip will be very happy once he has got used to being inside one... especially when a full haynet is on offer. Maybe you could suggest to the yard owner that you will give him a hand to put out the bonfire to speed the process up a bit. Abby