Wednesday 5 October 2011

You Can’t Catch Me

It’s not often that Niko doesn’t want to work. I had decided to work Niko today in the morning while it was still cool, but today he didn’t want to and so he led me a merry chase, here are some of the photos.

Luckily I had time to put his bandages on before he decided to do a runner.

And finally I got him, well to be honest he stopped for me, he seemed to have quite enjoyed his little rebellious moment, when I did put the bridle on I found that I didn’t really have the heart to make him work, and it was starting to get hot, so he had the day off.

I know this is a very short post and that I have been quite poor with regards to Blogger of late, I must try to do more posts. Just so that you all know I am trying to read all of your posts but do not normally have time to comment, thank you all for sticking with my blog.


Autumn Mist said...

Fab photos, Edward, especially the last one, Niko is such a character. I am having the same thing with Barnaby atm, well not running off, he stands there and lets me put the headcollar on, then refuses to budge. How can I move half a tonne of horse that doesn't want to go anywhere?! They want to eat and eat because they know the cold weather is coming!

Sherri B. said...

Don't worry about not posting as much as you used to. We all have times when it works out that we can spend more time in front of the computer and other times we get busy with life things. I enjoy your posts and love hearing and seeing all of the funny things your horses are up to. Like Niko in this post..I'm sorry, but I laughed through the entire post and the photos were funny too, seeing him keeping away from you...those naughty horses! Hahaha.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Very funny post :) love that last picture. I think Niko probably decided that he wanted you to work by making you run around after him!
I have not had time to write a post for over a week now and I am finding it hard keeping up with comments too.
We all get busy periods so no one minds when other bloggers do not post or comment regularly. Abby

Ruth said...

Even though it can be really frustrating when a horse won't let you catch them it does give you good oputunities to take nice photos :)

Anonymous said...

What a monkey! My old pony used to be a nightmare to catch when she was young, she used to charge at me ears flat back baring her teeth. So many times I have thrown myself over the gate to get away from her so at least he is not being nasty about it bless him! Don't let him get away with it too often or he will work out that if he runs off he will get away with not working. They are very devious sometimes. Don't worry about not posting regularly, everyone understands that life just gets in the way sometimes :) Hannah

Wolfie said...

Come have an award! :-)

allhorsestuff said...

Oh man thay was too cute
( maybe not for you) Niko avoiding you and telling you EXACTLY WHAT!Glad you gave him the time off truly.

No worries mate on the blogging scene. It is give and take here~

aurora said...

Cute pics, Niko is a character!

Margaret said...

That last photo is a hoot. And everyone enjoys a game of keep a-way now and then :)

Edward said...

Thank you all very much for your comments.

Jane, glad you like the photos. The ponies will do the same as Barnaby at times but they aren’t as big as him, maybe you could try giving him a tap with a crop or dressage whip to get him going.

Sherri, good that you got a laugh out of my post. Niko can be a very funny chap, and it is fun to let him get away with some things every once in a while.

Abby, well I suppose it’s only fair I run around some days as well as him, glad you liked the post.

Ruffles, yes it does, luckily I wasn’t really fussed about him running off I don’t mind it because he does it so rarely.

Hannah, don’t worry Niko isn’t bad about running away and I don’t let him get away with it if he tries it twice in a row. That pony sounds like a bit of a monster, if a horse or pony is really misbehaved I will send them away, if they bite me I will pinch them on the muzzle. And yes I agree they are very devious sometimes.

Wolfie, thanks for the award.

KK, it was quite cute even for me, I like to see that he isn’t just a machine and will say no at times, good that you like the post.

Aurora, thanks glad you liked them and yes he certainly is a character.

Samihob, thanks for the heads up I think I will do that.

Margaret, yup they do, glad you like the photos.

AC Quigley said...

This made me laugh! He certainly led you a merry dance and the last photo definitey looks like he's laughing!