Friday 9 December 2011

December So Far

It’s my first December post, bad I know, I have been a very poor blogger of late. I hope you are all having a great December so far, my December has been very good but the weather is dreadful. It’s been very windy and we’ve had quite a bit of rain, today there has been a break in the wind and rain but sadly it did rain last night so no riding for today.

All the horses are well if a little muddy, well to be honest very muddy but they don’t seem bothered by it. But this does bring me on to the subject of Pip, sad as it may be, I fear he will have to lose those feathers of his as they have become caked with mud.

In other news Tipper is doing really well. I haven’t see him this good since I met him, he has been trotting about, kicking, and bucking so that’s good, I think he’s quite a happy chap now we’ve had him for a while. Also I’ve started putting his neck cover on at night and sometimes leave it on during the day if it’s very cold.

Anyways that’s about all from me and just before I go, hello and thanks for following to my new followers, and thanks for sticking around to all my other followers.


RDA Pony Tales said...

Hello Edward, the weather has been very wet and wild here too. Spotty is very dirty, as are all the others at the stables. The feathers are a real problem to keep clean, and I know some people like to leave them. Personally I agree with you and feel it best to trim them back for easy maintenance.
Sounds like Tipper has settled in really well and is happy and enjoying life with the others. So nice to see how he has come on since you got him.
Have a great weekend.
Kind regards, Abby

Ruth said...

Pip looks so cute :)! It's sad he may have to lose his feathers.
I'm glad all your horses are doing well.

Sherri B. said...

I just knew that Tipper would thrive with your love and attention...great job! I just heard this morning that the UK had hurricane like conditions..I think it was in the North, I do hope it hasn't touched you. - Have a great weekend!

jane augenstein said...

Our weather here in Ohio, has been wet, warm then cold; can't make up it's mind. Gilly has been covered with mud most of the time. Yesterday it was a nice day, in the low 40's so I cleaned Gilly up as he ate his breakfast. About 2 hours later I went for a ride. We were out only about an hour but it was fun and we had a good ride. He got spooked a few times but nothing really bad. He was just full of energy and very bouncy.
Hope you get to ride again soon. Your horses all look fine and happy. Unfortunately horses love mud so we can't blame them for wanting to wallow in it. :-)
Stay warm!

Margaret said...

Not a bad blogger... just sometimes it is wise to take a break. Glad to hear your boys are doing well!

allhorsestuff said...

Good Decembertimes to you Edward!
Yes, we've had our share of the wind ,wet and mud. But mostly frozen fog. Had a silver frost yesterday.

Don't you worry your handsome self about blogging...we all have busy lives and can totally relate! Plus- its Christmas! Extra strains for time and more commitments. must think of the horses and family first!

Love your photos!
Be well and dream of riding on solid & dry tracks!
Tipper is so very fortunate to have you!