Saturday 21 January 2012

The Little Things

Today’s post is just a lot of different stuff that wasn’t really enough to make into posts of their own so I’ve put it all in just the one post.

So to start with the weather has turned pretty nasty, in the above photograph you can see what I pulled out of a water bucket the other day, luckily it’s warmed up a bit since then and now it’s just rain, rain, and more rain.

Due to all the rain there’s lots of mud and our feed supplier almost got stuck. We now know why it is as bad as it is, the ground is well less than ideal, because it has only a small amount of earth on top of heavy blue clay so the water has no where to drain away to.

Here’s Tipper trying on a new bridle I bought, it was meant to be a full size but it is in fact Pony sized, it only fits Pip which is a bit of a annoyance considering it isn’t the correct style for Pip’s breed, but I am still happy with it because I really rather like rolled leather.

I’ve had to take a break from riding because of the ground being so slippery. In other news I took Niko’s stable rug off to put on his turn out, and was pleased to see his weight. I fuss over the horses and ponies weight non stop, I am always checking them over, manually as we do not have anywhere to weigh them, and we don’t use tape. But anyway back to the point about Niko, I was really happy as he looked just about perfect to me, obviously he has been out of work for a while so he hasn’t got enough muscle but he is still looking good.

Anyways that’s all from me now.


Sherri B. said...

The ice from the bucket kind of looks like a glass hoof, haha! - You are so good to the wonder they are doing so well! Have a lovely weekend.

Ruth said...

The bridle looks great. Too bad it doesn't fit Tipper.

Miranda said...

I have been dealing with ice in buckets as well as the rain. No fun.

Achieve1dream said...

Yuck on the weather!

I like the rolled leather bridle. That's really interesting! I've never seen one like that before.

I'm glad Niko's weight is good. :D