Wednesday 1 February 2012

The Horrors of the Moustache

 Just a few photos today, but they really make me glad not all our equines have moustaches

Here’s Pip he looks quite sweet here, he’s just had a morning feed before he goes out with the others.

But the bad news is he saves some for later. Now I think we can all agree this is just unpleasant.

Anyway I will leave you with a far cuter photo here, it is Pip before he had grown his moustache as you can also see he’s younger.

Now before I go I’d like to say hello and thanks for following to my newer followers.


RDA Pony Tales said...

LOL!... Hmmmm, maybe a trim is in order! :)
Great post Edward.
Regards, Abby

Jeni said...

hahaha! I finally took Rosie's off, I had to clip her goat beard off for a riding clinic so took the mustache too.

No more face washing!

Martine said...

Maybe it will moult in the spring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Edward, thanks for following my new blog :) Pip does have quite an impressive tash doesn't he! I hope you are not finding it too tough looking after all your horses in this freezing weather. Roll on spring for the weather and moustache moult. Hannah.

Liam said...

I enjoyed readinng this