Monday 27 February 2012

Swede on a Rope and Other News

I love feeding the horses and ponies be it hay, haylage or just giving them treats, so recently I made the ponies and Niko a Swede on a rope. Murphy loves a Swede so I knew it would be a success with him. I put two Swedes up for the ponies, one each, and one for Niko. Madeline and Tipper have not yet got rings to hang anything on in their boxes so they must wait for their Swede on a rope.

As you can see from this photo Niko wasn’t overly keen on his one, but the ponies ate both of their’s in one night, Niko still has the Swede in his box to nibble on if he wishes to.

In other news we’ve had some really nice weather here and the equines have all been out with no rugs. So everything has dried out a lot and Niko has had a good long holiday to give him time to heal any little strains or unseen injuries and to just generally relax and have some fun. But now that he has been rested and the ground is dry it may be time to start work again but that depends on how the ground is tomorrow as it did start to rain a little before we left today.

 Also now the weather is getting better I have started thinking about all the others and their work, I need to start some real work with Madeline and Tipper to let me see what discipline suits them best.

Anyway that is all for a later date, and for now I will content myself with fitting tie rings, and other trivial tasks. I hope everything is going well for you lot and that you too are enjoying better weather.


Sherri B. said...

It is so nice that you are finally drying out in your neck of the woods. I see that they are all very happy. I do not know what a Swede is so I'm off to look it up. Have a good week! xo

Daisy said...

Those look interesting! What is a "swede?"

RDA Pony Tales said...

Swede on a rope.... what a brilliant idea! I will have to give one to Spotty as he loves a swede :)
The weather here has been really good too so I removed Spotty's rug. Despite being lame he shot off up the field like a youngster then found a nice patch of mud to have a good roll in... he really loves having his rug off!
Great to read all your news Edward. Lets hope the good weather continues for us all.
Kind regards, Abby

Ruth said...

I gave a swede on a rope to Poppy when she was on stall rest. She really loved it :)
Glad the weather is good for you guys.

Edward said...

Thanks for your comments everyone,

Sherri and Deanna, a Swede is a root vegetable, I believe the Swede is more commonly known as a Rutabaga, Swedish turnip, or yellow turnip in the USA, hope that helps.

Abby, good to hear Spotty is feeling well enough to go for a good roll, they sure do love it ;)

Malin said...

Good idea. May have to make one for Pippi. :)