Wednesday 21 March 2012

Niko’s Back in Business

After a very long holiday Niko has finally returned to work, he’s been back in work for a bit now and I’ve mostly just been doing flat work with him but the other day I did jump him a little but more on that in a moment.

Here are a few photos of Niko and I on day two of Niko’s return to work, I was really happy with how well he behaved.

Here you can see I am leaning back too much but I still rather liked the photo, Niko certainly has a lot of energy in his canter work at the moment, perhaps too much.

After a few days of work I took him into the big paddock to do some work and it went very well. But, he did do a very big buck, which I was not expecting in the slightest, so off I went over the front and under the hooves. I am quite bruised now but nothing is broken and I had a lovely ride and popped back on after the trampling and it all went very well.

Also I’ve done a little bit of jumping with him, it started very well and then went down the plug hole so to speak and was absolutely horrible, but we finished on an ok note so I shall be happy with that.

 In other news I’ve got a load of the rings fitted to the stables so I finally have somewhere to tie my horse :)

And everyone is feeling their feet now spring is here.
Anyway that’s all from me now I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather.


Miranda said...

Awe I'm so sorry you got bucked but glad it was just a bruiser. Niko loos great and happy to be working again.

Ruth said...

Glad you didn't get hurt worse when we got bucked off. Good on you for jumping back on.
Niko looks really good. Glad you've been having some good rides.

Sherri B. said...

It is amazing how calm you are when you get glad it wasn't serious. - I love the bottom photo, it looks like they are dancing, how very sweet! xo

Edward said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.