Saturday 24 March 2012

Bentaiga’s Beautiful Tack

Just a short post today about some truly beautiful tack. Take a look at this saddle, as you can see a lot of work has gone into it’s creation but I think it’s safe to say the work paid off, this is probably the fanciest saddle I’ve ever seen.

And take a look at this double bridle, it too is very fancy even the bit is crafted with beautiful designs on it, and personally I rather like the horse head bust the bridle is displayed on too.

Very small photo I know but I think you can probably get an idea of how nice these stirrup irons are too.

If you liked the tack you saw here why not check it out and lots of other beautiful tack here at the Bentaiga website.


Sherri B. said...

The work is most definitely beautiful and any horse would be proud to wear it...I bet they would be doing a bit of showing off too! xo

Margaret said...

Thanks! I am doing a post on this site as well. Do you know of anyone who has one? I am seriously considering one for my half Friesian - but I wouldn't get one for two years (when he is 6) I currently use a Parelli western saddle and adjustable saddle pad which should be OK for now. Thanks. I took a bit of a blogger break. I will be back to see how you have been! :)

Edward said...

Thank you two for your comments.

Sherri, yes I am sure a horse would be quite proud to have such a beautiful saddle, and yes I think there would be rather a lot of showing off going on.

Margaret, I know someone who lived in Spain for sometime with his Spanish horse, he informs me that Spanish saddles are comfy, they have very good clearance, you’re also a lot higher in a Spanish saddle to your average saddle, and you sit more in the centre, unfortunately he did say Spanish saddle are made to fit Spanish horses meaning you may be hard pushed to find one that is a good fit. Spanish saddles are similar to Portuguese saddles.

Malin said...

I love the bust too. I should post a pic of mine, I bet you will love it. Might just do that tomorrow......