Friday 8 June 2012

NAF Salts

Just a quick post this morning, about theses little lumps of goodness lots of you will probably know these are Himalayan salt licks. I recently bought five of these, one for each of our equines, we have the NAF salt licks but that is only due to the shop selling that type, considering they are all Himalayan salt licks I don’t supposes it make a differences weather it comes from NAF, Global Herb, or any other companies that sell them.

The Salt licks have been very popular with the equines most of them except the ponies waited till night to try them out. They’ve all started to lick them smooth now, this is a photo of Tipper’s one, he hasn’t had it long but it’s already starting to go smooth.

The salt licks contain natural minerals and trace elements, these licks are good for many reasons one of them being it is very rare for a horse or pony to over lick it. Niko licked his one rather a lot when he first got it but then shortly after calmed down, and now only gives it a little bit of a licking every night (our equines are still staying in over night).

Anyways there is only so much to talk about a lump of salt and I did say just a short post, that’s all from me.



Sherri B. said...

This get's me to thinking...I wonder where they got their salt before salt licks? Now that will bug me until I find out.

Have a lovely weekend! xo

Ruth said...

My pony Poppy loves salt licks but I get the complete opposite reaction from my horse. He won't go near it so I have to give him his salt in his feed.
We don't get that particular salt lick in our feed stores though.

Edward said...

Thank both of you for your comments.

Sherri, if you’re referring to where wild horses get their salt from they have a far wider choice of grazing than domestic horses and will most likely get their salt from mineral deposits, but if you meant where our equines got their salt from we added salt to their feeds, but the licks are way better and easier too ;)

allhorsestuff said...

My sissy bought me one of those years ago...when they first came into the public demand. It was on a rope, so you could hand it. I often caught Wa mare licking it too...and it dwindled to nothing( the real proof).
I love them and the reviews are better for them than normal mineral salts.
I am gonna have to get another one with a hole though...seems it is more appealing to mine off the ground.