Tuesday 22 March 2011

Here's The Plan

As you all know we aren't very pleased with the yard owners and so I have decided to try and move sooner then later. So here's what we are up too, at the moment we are trying to get the fence up and running, we decided to go with electric fencing because it is a lot cheaper then post and rail and we really don't like barbed wire.

We need to sort out the stables as well, but I think that if we can get the paddock fenced all our horses and pones will be fine living out until the stables are ready, as they are all quite used to living out, and we have some great weather here too.

I would really like to hear what you all think of it, if you think it is a stupid idea please just say so I won't be offended.


RDA Pony Tales said...

We have an electric fence and the horses are all out now, (although some still have rugs on at night) and they are all very happy being outside together. This is an excellent plan and sounds like you have thought it through too. Abby

Sherri B. said...

I am so happy to hear that you are going your own way, I'm sure you all will be happier with this arrangement.

Michelle said...

Nothing you do is ever stupid. We all learn from trial and error. I think your idea is great. My horse was only used to an electric fence. I must say, I was not careful one time and almost got knocked on my rear from the shock from the fence. See? We all do silly things until we learn different.