Sunday 27 March 2011

Murphy’s Training

Murphy’s been doing a little bit of work, as he’s only young he does not do a lot of work, today he has been being led. He is not really very willing, he is a very food orientated pony and work just gets in the way of food.

It is very rewarding whenever I can get him going, as he is such a talented pony and so young. He’s jumping in hand, completely bombproof, and he has some great action, so I thought I would do a post about him, but as I mention he likes his food.

So he hasn’t done a lot today, I have just led him around a bit as I don’t want to force him into doing too much work, when he is older he won’t be allowed to shirk off all the time but, for now I spouse it’s ok. Thanks for the comments, Abby, I know what you mean about some horses being uncomfortable to sit on bare back, Niko is very uncomfortable to ride bare back. I’ve been riding him with a saddle today. AllHorsestuff, if you have been riding with no saddle since last summer, it sounds like you will be very happy to have your new saddle.


RDA Pony Tales said...

You are doing really well and it looks like you have got the balance just right with Murphy, a bit of light work but not so much that he will be put off. I think most ponies like their food, I was leading a grey mare past an open stable and she shot in at the sight of a full haynet and nearly took my arm off! Murphy looks a real character and clearly enjoys working with you... keep up the good work. Abby

Michelle said...

You have such a sweet passion for your horses. I like that you know Murphy is too young to work super hard. He is a wonderful pony and I can see the two of you are really bonding.

Forgive me if you have already posted this, but what kind of horse is Murphy. He looks like a draft horse, but I could be wrong.


allhorsestuff said...

How old is that Murphy pony? He has neat looking conformation... not Shetland like..he looks to actually have some withers!
Well, mine is toally food motivated..I should do "Clicker Training with her..sure she's love it!

YESSS Edward...I dream of having stirrups and two point jumping again!
I was just looking over some you Tube videos(not quality) ones I have(allhorsestuff) of us jumping in the woods over branches and logs...
I am SO Grooming out forests and Trails-right now-looking for the jumps I can make! I can do them bareback..but the floaty feeling of half seat and spinging over the jump on a saddle...can't dulpicate that!

Edward said...

Hello allhorsestuff, Murphy is a british native Welsh pony, he will be 2 in a couple of months time.