Saturday 26 March 2011

Riding Bare Back

Today I’ve be riding bare back, it is my idea of practising on my seat/balance, Anyway on to the practise, as normal I started with a walk, obviously there were no problems with the walk. I am not an exceptional rider, but I think even I would have difficulty falling off at the walk.

Then we had a trot which was quite bumpy to start with, but I soon got my balance back, and then all the trotting went pretty good.

And then I just had to try cantering, not such a good idea or such a good experience. It is hard to end on a good note when, well let’s just say my riding was less then dignified, this photograph is sadly one of the better moments, where I can pretend that I am in control, but it really is just pretending.

And I had a goat watch me all the time, with very accusing eyes. Well at least I have learnt another lesson, make sure that Niko is wearing a neck strap for me to grab instead of his poor mane when I almost fall off.
Thank you all for your comments on my last post.


RDA Pony Tales said...

You look to be doing well in these photos and the goat seems very impressed to me! It is not easy to ride bare back and some horses have uncomfortable backs to sit on without a saddle too. If you want to work on your seat then you may find riding without stirrups is a bit easier, but of course bare back is more fun! Abby

allhorsestuff said...

Haha! That look Niko had while cantering..I really giggled!
You are brave, and look very good.
Brave because, I've had to ride bareback since last summer (saddle fit issues) but even I won't try it "all the way bare!" I got myself a "Thinline bareback pad", the breast collar I use to secure it in front, serves me well for the strap to grab, if need be on my trail rides. Brave because, my mare is boney and shed probably buck me off, of I had no padding between she and I!
Mr. Billy G. Looked properly impressed! Good job!