Tuesday 15 March 2011

A Time to Show

I really like the idea of competing in a show sometime, but, I don't feel that I am ready yet. I can stll go to see them and try to get an idea of what I will need to be able to jump and what sort of turns I will need to perform. Here are some photographs of a show.

As you can see it doesn't always end well and this is why I am so determined to be the best I can be before I try my hand at competing in a show.


RDA Pony Tales said...

I have gone over many a fence without my horse! When I was young I started doing hunter trials before I competed in show jumping competitions. You will really enjoy it once you get started on the right horse, good luck! Abby

Sherri B. said...

Oh my, I see that it doesn't always go well. So wise of you to wait until you know that you and the horse can make it over together.