Thursday 20 October 2011

My Riding

So here’s the post I said I was going to do about my riding. It all seems to be going very well, but I have concerns. I am concerned about the use of spurs, my instructor has me ride with impulsion spurs. I don’t mind the use of spurs as long as they are being used in the right way, they aren’t there for someone that can’t ride properly to bully the horse into doing as they wish, so I am left wondering should I be using spurs, but anyway enough about the spurs.

As you can see from the photos he is going rather nicely for me and I am delighted with him, remember to look at the horse not the ugly mug on top, I think he’s looking more round as well so that’s good. My instructor says his trot is great so I was pleased with that, I do love to trot but must remember to do lots of walk too. My instructor was trying to explain how to do a leg-yield today they decided to show me so hopped on Niko to do a leg-yeld but sadly he threw a paddy so they decided not to stress the matter and go on to different work. They said that someone else has probably tried leg-yeld with him before but not done it right, so it might take a bit to get him leg-yelding nicely.

All in all I am having a great time riding and I am really enjoying my lessons, but I do just worry a little about the spurs, the rest is going great and I couldn’t be happier. If any of you have an opinion on the spurs please feel free to comment it.


Daisy said...

You both look wonderful together!! I don't have a lot of experience with spurs - I'm not a huge fan myself preferring training to the "need" for spurs. But I have found that to get my Fjord's attention, I need the mild kind. (Sidewinder slip-ons) So I'm kinda eating my words having said in the past that I would "never" use them.
I'm eager to read what other's comment, as I'm sure many of your Reader's have more experience with them.

Anonymous said...

He does look really nice. I don't use spurs at all - I train my horses to move off my leg without them by using secondary aids if necessary during the training process. That said, there's nothing wrong with using spurs to make your aids more precise - not to goose him - so long as you and the horse aren't dependent on them - does he move off your leg as well without them? If not, then he's dependent on them which you don't want - you want a horse that'll respond to a 0.5 in pressure on a scale of one to ten with zero being no pressure and 10 being the most pressure you could use. If he'll only respond to a 5, he's been desensitized by the spurs. It also depends on how good a rider you are - you must have a completely independent leg, hand and seat and have full control of your legs so you never use a spur inadvertently.

juliette said...

I think both photos are wonderful.

I don't use spurs at all. I really like what Kate said (above) about riding ability and spurs.

Ruth said...

Great pictures. You guys look great together :)!I'm not a big fan of spurs but as long as the rider has an independent seat then I don't really have a problem with people wearing them.

jane augenstein said...

I am sure lazy Gilly could use some spurs but not from me. I would be afraid I would accidently poke him too much. If he spooked and I suddenly gripped really tight, well, I'm not a good enough rider to use them. I just try to use my legs and teach Gil to respond to them. Kate's comment it great.
Good pictures!! :-)

Anonymous said...

He looks like he is going beautifully for you. I don't use spurs and don't really see the need for them if the horse moves from your leg aids nicely already. I know people use them to make the aids more precice and can see why that would be necessary for top dressage riders for example but they are very experienced riders and know how to use them correctly. That said your instructor obviously feels that you are a good enough rider to be using spurs and you are conscious about using them in the right way. If you don't feel comfortable using them maybe tell your instructor how you feel and see how your horse goes without them.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Niko looks to have a lovely floaty movement in that first picture. I am so pleased that you seem to be really getting on so well with your lessons. I have used spurs for dressage competitions. I tend to use a dressage whip when schooling a horse that is not responding to my leg aids. Your instructor would not let you wear spurs if he thought you could not use them correctly. Some horses get a bit dead to the leg, which is why some people use spurs for schooling. If you are not comfortable wearing them, then don't. Oh, and don't worry about the leg yielding, it just takes patience and practice :) Abby

Debi said...

You and Nikko look great. Looks like a nice sunny day to ride. Ally has had to use spurs riding Ace only a few times.

Weanling Training said...

Hi Edward, Spurs are just an aid. An accomplished rider should be able to use them effectively as needed based on the horse. Just because you wear spurs doesn't mean you are bullying your horse (and just because you aren't wearing them doesn't mean you are NOT bullying your horse). Just learn to know where your leg is and when you do and do not have your spurs on. You'll do fine.

allhorsestuff said...

Niko and you look totally fabulous !!!
Look at the inside reaching through, wow. Your leg looks very educated and long. I would try them but only.till you get the action required . Liked also Kates thoughts. They are not to be leaned on forever.

Truly Ed, you are a very elegant EQUESTRIAN! Awesome riding and sister always has taught me to understand sometimes with TB'S and other thinking horses- the same day you introduce something to them, is not the day they may grasp it. They think about it and usually the next ride. They will be able to respond with understanding the aide.

Good work!!

juliette said...

Hi! I have an award for you over at my blog. Please don't feel like you have to redo if you already got this award - I was late getting to it!

AC Quigley said...

That looks like a very nice trot that you have going there! It's great that you are enjoying your lessons so much - I find that it really helps to have someone on the ground watching and correcting where necessary.
The spurs issue is a tricky one. They are to help with leg aids and useful especially in lateral work but, as you say, they have to be used at the right moment and not excessively. I agree with Abby, you're instructor wouldn't let you use them if he didn't think that you would use them properly.

Edward said...

Thank you all very much for your comments.

It been great reading all you opinions, advice and complements :)

Kate thanks for all the help I’ve tried riding without the spurs and I think he moves off my leg pretty well and I am pleased with it, I don’t believe the spurs have desensitized him, thanks again.

Hannah I spoke to my instructor today and expressed my concerns about the use of spurs and if I was going to do any harm or was not using them correctly. My instructor says they can see what I am doing with my legs and if I am using the spurs wrong or in a way that would harm my horse, they say I am not and that they would shoot me if I was to use them incorrectly, so I am very happy to hear that, thank you very much for the advice.

Juliette thanks ever so much for the award.

Now a very big thanks to you all I really do appreciate it, you are all lovely people thanks again.

Margaret said...

I prefer no spurs, but have recently been educated on proper use and it seems you are aware of that. Some horses just do better with them when used properly. I have a feeling you will be fine... And you look great on that beautiful horse!

Edward said...

Thanks for the comment, Margaret the beautiful horse is Niko. I too prefer no spurs but I have to wear them for dressage competitions so best I get good at using them, and like you say some horses just go better in them.