Wednesday 11 January 2012

Blowing off Steam

We got the horses moved on to a different bit of ground today, as you can see from the photo above they had fun blowing off some steam. Niko likes to have a good run, roll and rear when he is excited, sadly I missed the chance to get a shot of him rearing because I was fetching Pippin at the time.

And here Niko is again enjoying the mud, as you can probably see he’s missing a front shoe, the farrier will be coming on the 13th to trim everyone and most likely remove Niko’s remaining shoe, I think he may be going barefoot for a bit, ah how I hate the idea of that.

 Here they all are except Pip because he was the smart one and he went straight to the best bit of grass, he stayed there till it was time to come in, he is such a sensible little chap. As for Murphy you can just see him behind Madeline, but more on him and Pip in a later post.

In other news I just received a new saddle pad that was a Christmas present from my father that turned up a little late, I will show you it as soon as I have photos, anyways I’ve got lots more posts I need to get done, but that’s it for now.


Miranda said...

Having them shoe-less in the winter isn't so bad. At least Pippi is fine with it. I always take her shoes off around Nov. and she gets them back in March or April. She seems to be fine with it.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Spotty never runs around, he just eats or rolls in the mud! Great pictures of Niko in action and I look forward to seeing your post with pics of your new saddle pad.
Kind regards, Abby

Achieve1dream said...

They are so cute! I love that first picture. :)

Sherri B. said...

Niko reminds me of my dog Jack, he rolls exactly like Niko is doing and comes in with a variety of 'bits' on him, and it doesn't even matter if it has been raining...silly animals!

Autumn Mist said...

Crikey, no rugs, though. Are they out bare all the time, and are they clipped? I would have an awful job if I let Barnaby do that, but it's very muddy here.

Edward said...

Thanks everyone for your comments

Miranda, Yes I suppose you are right, there’s no real need for shoes at the moment, it’s just I am a very big on them but heck if he’s ok with no shoes then that’s just fine by me.

Abby, ah Spotty is one of the smart ones no need to waste energy, Pip often has a roll too.

Sherri, sadly Niko also comes in with lots of “bits” on him and sadly he also doesn’t mind if it has been raining in fact I think he rather likes it if it has, he is a big animal and has a lot to clean, but I still love to see him having a good roll, I am sure it nice to see your dog rolling too.

Jane, for now they are out with no rugs, it is very mild here, but they are not clipped so they do have quite fluffy coats, letting them out with no rugs does mean a lot of grooming but as we are moving them about lots so the mud isn’t too bad.

Unknown said...

Hi I'm a show jumping rider from Italy =)
I love the first pictures!
keep in touch:

see you soon =)

allhorsestuff said...

I adore your herd!

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