Sunday 8 January 2012

The Healthy Treat

Not too long ago we bought the horses and ponies a Horslyx mini lick to try, we first off got a mint one as in the past we have got licks and they didn’t like them so mint seemed like a good idea as we all now how much equines love mint. It went down very well but Murphy did get a little bit too excited and stamped on it. Anyway we recently tried them on the original which they also liked as it turns out that all the Horslyx licks seem to have a coating of molasses.

Here is a shot of the lick untouched. The Horslyx Original contains a mix of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that all help your horse, and his hooves too, in the right amount of course.

The Horslyx licks have so far proven to be a great way to treat the horses and also giving them something to do if they should have to wait for some reason. I look forward to trying more of their products, well not me personally ;) Do any of you use licks? And if so what’s your favourite make.
Here is a lick to the Horslyx website if you wish to take a look.


RDA Pony Tales said...

All the horses and ponies have licks in their stables and they all seem to like them. I am not sure what make they are as the yard manager ordered them, but they are shaped like huge doughnuts so they can hang up. Thanks for the link to the Horslyx website, I will take a look.
Looks like you have had some sunshine so hope you have managed to get out riding.
Kind regards, Abby

Emme said...

Pippi is not a huge licker, but maybe it's the lick and not her licker that is wrong? LOL

Edward said...

Hello and thanks for the comments.

Abby, doughnut shaped licks sound very handy and very yummy too :) as for my riding I haven’t been doing a lot recently as I have been practicing my in hand work with Niko it’s quite good fun, but I do think I shall ride again soon, the weather here is very nice, unseasonably nice, I hope you get some nice weather too.

Emme, hi and thanks for stopping by, I think it could well be the lick and not her licker.

allhorsestuff said...

We in the states normally test he local hay for vitamin deficits- then add them, as needed to the grain feed.
We at our stable all use one called " Horse guard" with added organic Selenium. It is not present in the N.W. area where we live and get hay. The organic is easier to not build up in the horse's system.
The " block licks" we put out are just salt and trace minerals.
Sometimes I use a product called " Source" .

Very interesting products!