Wednesday 25 January 2012

In The Orchard

Now that we have portable electric fencing we can move the horses just about anywhere and as they have now grazed all the land where the trees were removed we decided do some pruning to make room for the horses to graze between the trees. Here’s little Murphy enjoying the new grazing.

And Niko too but he is more interested in treats at the moment. It’s still too wet here to be riding so he’s just having a long break from work, but I am sure it’ll do him good to have time off, he normally gets a long break every winter.

Pip looking very sweet and innocent, but don’t be fooled he is a little monster at the moment. He is still a colt so is starting to get a bit full of himself, so I’ve started to try and get him to behave himself a bit better. He has the annoying habit of lashing out with his front leg if he is made to wait and he ended up smacking me in the knee today, but afterwards I made him walk and trot about with me and stand to wait a bit as well and he was really good, so I was quite happy with him.

Here’s Tipper looking quite the fool with a weed hanging from his forelock, he’s muddy but happy. He to isn’t doing anything because of the wet, but I have taken to putting a bridle on him to take him out and in as he hasn’t been very good about having one on the few times I have put one on him. By putting the bridle on to take him in and out it shows him it is not just for work and can be a nice experience for him, he happens to get a bucket of feed when he comes in ;)

And finally last but by no means least Madeline who is loving the trees as they make for very good bum scratcher, quite a disapproving look on her face in this photo, but it’s the only one that is any good out of the photos I took. Lots of thought going into Madeline right now with regards to her future work.

It always amazes me how I can write so much about so little, anyway that’s about all from me now.


Ruth said...

Your horses all look so well cared for and happy.

allhorsestuff said...

Your HEADER always makes me have a HAPPY SMILE when I show up!

Look at them, loving the new territitory. Nice job describing them all and the work with Tipper too. Feeding them with a bit always makes the thing easier to like!

I have been riding with the "Promice Wrap", a "TTouch " method for balance and connection. It has done wonders for my mare's blalce in this slick winter stuff.
Yours appear to love the riding break!


Sherri B. said...

Great post, love the photos and hearing about each on of them...I bet they love it that they have some time off!

Laura said...

Thanks for the follow, I ma following you now too! Pip looks and sounds very cute!

RDA Pony Tales said...

I imagine Pip can be a handful at times, but he does always look so sweet in your pictures ;) The others are all looking well, and clearly enjoying being in a new area for grazing. It has been wet here too but at least there has been no snow... so far!
Kind regards, Abby

Miranda said...

I bet they enjoyed the new grass

Margaret said...

We are all able to "write so much about so little" when we love our horses so much! :) And thank you for the award! Honored.

Mellimaus said...

Such cute horses! And I love the name Madeline for a mare, so regal and sweet at the same time.

Achieve1dream said...

Murphy is so cute!!!

Chrome likes to strike out with his front hooves like Pip, only it's more like impatient pawing rather than attitude or threatening. I've gotten in the habit of not standing in front of him lol. :D

Glad the horses are enjoying being moved around for grazing. Portable electric fences are awesome.