Thursday 5 January 2012

A Yard of Sorts

As the horses and ponies have now been moved over to where we had the stables put up I thought I would sort of show you all around. So here are the stables they still have attachments that need putting on like door latches and most still need haynet rings.

All the doors except the one on the ponies box have large metal chew strips to help protect the doors, especially from this chap who just loves to have a good crib on the top of his door.

Here is the inside of Niko’s box he has the kick boards right the way up the wall to prevent him from cribbing on the wall and causing them to splinter. 

When we ordered the stables we asked for skylights and here they are, they’ve proven to be very helpful with so few daylight hours, it’s good to have that bit of extra light before it gets dark in the stables.

And here is something we did not ask for but were pleased that it was done, rather than the front wall reaching right to the roof a gap was left at the top, this was probably just a way to use less wood but we like it because it helps the stables with air flow.

Now enough about the stables. Here is the turn out area it’s far from ideal but it is not that muddy at the moment so it will do, as you can see we’re using portable electric fencing, it works very well and is quite easy to use.
The horses are in at night and go out during the day which gives them time to stretch their legs, have a roll, and socialise.

And finally the muck heap it is quite close to the stables which makes mucking out a lot easier, well that’s just about it, we don’t have a tack room as we keep it all at home.

And that is our yard of sorts.


Sherri B. said...

So nice to see that they have such a nice home and no mud...yet. - We are just now starting with the bad rains, flodding a mud. It's funny how one forgets about those things in the summer..ugh!

Debi said...

A nice home for all your horses. I bet they like coming into a nice clean barn in the evenings. Thats nice you have the portable electric fence to move around if you have to. You have a great horse place.

Margaret said...

Oh, that face! What a character. Looks quite cozy there at the stables.

Ruth said...

That looks like a really nice setup :)

RDA Pony Tales said...

Hello Edward,
I missed your last post due to gale force winds!
I am sorry your new year started unpleasantly and hope things start to improve this month.
Your stables are great. It must be a nice feeling for you to know you have somewhere safe and secure to leave the horses and ponies at night.
I wish you many happy hours of riding in 2012.
Kind regards, Abby