Saturday 18 June 2011

Caught in the Cold

We have had yet more rain here, when we arrived at the paddock yesterday everyone was very wet, too wet to put a rug on so we set about drying them off. Here is Niko being dried off, then we put his rug on so then it was on to Tipper.

And here he is looking very sweet in that blanket, but bad news he has been kicked by one of the others and is now lame, he can still hobble around but obviously I won’t be doing any work with him an till he is better.

We did dry Madeline off as well but I don’t seem to have any photos of it, I must have got carried away with photographing the ponies, so here is Murphy I felt mean not drying off the ponies even if I wasn’t going to put rugs on them.

Pip looking a bit like he is wondering way I am bothering to dry him, he wasn’t cold, despite being soaked on his top layer of fur, his coat is so thick he was nice and snug, but he too was dried. Anyway that is all really but I just wanted to use these photos as I think they are quite sweet.

Thank you all very much for your comments on my last post, and hello to my new followers I hope you enjoy my blog.

Abby, thanks it’s great to see him looking quite good, I had hoped to start doing a bit of work under saddle with him soon but now he is lame that will have to go on hold, poor chap.

Sherri, well he is all ready happier let’s hope he will turn out to be the lucky part as well.

Vitzy, Welcome to my blog, and thanks for following me.

Shirley, yep I do live in England, and thanks for the tip I have quite the assortment of tips from helpful bloggers such as yourself and it is much appreciated, thanks.

Autumn Mist, yes I do think doing lots of work with your horses helps them in so many ways like as you say their confidence, and as for love I have never found a horse that I haven’t grown to love and Tipper is no exception.

Debi, yes I to like his colour it’s a very nice colour, he’s a good looking horse it is just a shame about all of his scars, but they will hopefully soon be covered in nice new fur, well so long as we can stop him getting himself kicked.


Sherri B. said...

I feel so bad that Tipper was kicked, I hope it isn't too serious and he heals soon. They all look so cute in their cloths. I bet it takes quite a bit of time to tend all of them when they are all wet..You take such good care of them. Have a nice Sunday.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Poor Tipper getting kicked, I hope he is sound very soon. It is always the way when there is a bunch of them in together. With Spotty having arthritis, he can't move out the way quickly enough so always ends up getting kicked. Because there are so many horses and ponies at the centre, most of them only have front shoes on, which means there are less injuries.
It is lots of work drying them all off, but so nice that you take the time to do it to all of them. Dear sweet Pip's little face peering out from his blanket.. he is just adorable, as of course they all are. Lovely pictures, thanks for showing them. It is great to see all your new followers too, which proves what a brilliant blog you have! Hope you have a dry day today. Abby
ps. Thanks for your kind comments on my post.. always appreciated :)

Debi said...

Edward ~ Could you possibly be a collector of horses. You have quite a herd. I guess Tipper is finding out where he fits in on the totem pole with the group. We took Ace on a trip one time and he had to stay in a pasture with a bunch of others which he has never done. He's young and full of himself. He was put in his place quickly and he ain't no little thing either. I hate to see aggression. Take care and send some rain our way. My pond is drying up. Debi