Sunday 12 June 2011

Rainy Day

Today has been wet wet WET! I have been absolutely soaked to the skin, all the horses and ponies have had extra feed, and the horses are rugged up now. The ponies aren’t rugged as they still have such thick coats, Pip is so snug in his, poor little Murphy isn’t so snug but he is a Welsh mountain pony so he will be fine, I did check that he was warm enough and he was so that’s all good.

I have not got a lot of good photos because the camera ran out of charge, so I will just have to make do with what I got before it ran out. The one of Madeline at the top of the post is sort of blurry because of the rain drops on the lens, but I thought it was funny cos of all the feed she had up her face, she is such a messy eater, and here is one of Pip rolling, he really was rolling for such a long time making sure to get as muddy as he could.

And here he is again having a good shake after his roll, I love to see them rolling and shaking themselves, they really do enjoy it don’t they? But the after effects aren’t so good.

And who do you think is going to have to clean that off you, still I guess it won’t be to hard to get off he is still losing his winter coat, so hopefully it will all just come off nice and easy the next time I use the shedding blade.

Here is Madeline enjoying a roll without her rug, nice and muddy, she normally only rolls on one side.

But today was an exception so she had a good and proper roll on both sides, I think the rain has washed most of the mud off of her, and she did have to have a rub down before she could have her rug on, so she isn’t too dirty.

This one is of Bold Hawk, yes very blurry but I only got the two of him rolling luckily he already had his rug on, he will just have to wait to get muddy.

And here is the other photo I got of him they aren’t very good, but it is nice to see him rolling he is such a nice chap and he did have to wait quite a bit because of Madeline rolling where he wanted to.

I didn’t get any photos of Niko or Murphy rolling but they did, this is the last photo I got before my camera ran out, it is a pain because there were so many great photo opportunities, and I didn’t get any photos of the heavy rain, oh well at least I am dry now.

Thanks for the comments on my last post. Glad you liked the photos

Abby, Pip is a very sweet pony and so kind, glad you like the one of him. Bold Hawk is going to have a stable name but we are just deciding between some, I will let you know when we have chosen one and what it is.

Sherri, good that you like the orange on Bold Hawk’s photo, I couldn’t decided on what colour to use so in the end I just went with orange but it’s good to know that it looks ok.


RDA Pony Tales said...

I think your pictures are great, it is not easy to photograph horses and ponies in action, so well done! Now, you probably will know who I am about to mention.... dear Pip, how adorable he is, even covered in mud! The one of Madeline is funny, she is like a toddler, they always have food all over their faces too. We have had lots of rain here also and I forgot my camera when I went to the stables, so didn't get a picture of a very, very muddy Spotty. Being grey he is always dirty, but as you say they love to roll, and so they all get really covered in muck.
Thank you for your comments on my post. I agree that my mini Spotty will be much cheaper to keep, although he is no substitute for my real boy! Glad you like my header too, I like to keep changing things.
I hope you have a good week. Abby

Sherri B. said...

I love the bottom photo, good that you got it before the charge went reminds me of happy children on the playground, so very sweet and happy.