Tuesday 7 June 2011

Bold Hawk Meets the Others

Things are getting better for Bold Hawk we have been taking him to the stables to have a nice big feed every day now, and he seems to be doing better he doesn’t look quite so thin now. But as he is a new horse when we got him in the stable I started to check him over he seems to be physically fine except the dishing, but he is very scared to have his fore legs picked up, but with some help I have been picking them up every day now and I think he is getting a bit better.

So with Bold Hawk getting used to us it was time to get him used to the other horses, so here is a photo of him and Niko. He met Niko first, they seem to get on ok, Bold Hawk quite likes Niko and Niko is quite nice to Bold Hawk so those two are good with one another.

Then he met Murphy, by that time he had rolled on one side, they were all right at first but Murphy would like to have as many equines to boss about as possible so he decided it was time to put Bold Hawk in his place, well I am sure you can tell that didn’t go so well for Murphy.

And here Murphy is trying to drive Bold Hawk out of the herd as you can see Bold Hawk is about 16hh so poor little Murphy couldn’t really do much with bites so he went to kick and oh poor little chap ended up on the ground he slipped on the wet ground and fell over. I have sprayed Chestfields Cut and Graze on his injury and he is ok now.

Bold Hawk did in the end get to meet all of the others and here he is with Madeline. She has been quite happy with him and not really told him off so they are getting on. Today Madeline has been a bit too friendly with Bold Hawk, she doesn’t seem to know he has been gelded and she won’t leave him alone.

Bold Hawk did meet Pip but I didn’t get any photos of them with each other, so this is how the herd is at the moment Madeline is the boss, Niko is second in command, Murphy is third despite falling over, then Bold Hawk and poor little Pip is right at the bottom.

And finally this is a photo I took of Bold Hawk today just to let you all see how he is getting on. And now I must stop going on, this post wasn’t meant to be this long but I just keep going on don’t I.

Thanks for the comments on my last post.

Sherri, you said it was hard to look at the photos on my last post so after five days of love and care with us do you think he is looking any better?

Abby, he does have a nice face, yes we will get the farrier to see what they can do as soon as we get him behaving about having his fore legs picked up I am sure it wont take long.

Allhorsestuff, I really don’t know about keeping him shod I would probably like to have him unshod but there is corrective shoeing for dishers so maybe I should try that.

Autumn Mist, he is getting plenty of TLC now he is with us and I think feeling all the better for it, yes ex racehorses are quite bright and so nice, he is going to be a lot of fun.

And thank you all for the suggestions on how to grow his fur back I will have to try them out lets hope his fur will grow back with all this help thanks again.


Sherri B. said...

I do believe that he looks much better now and I am happy that he was received so well into the group. They all look very happy!

RDA Pony Tales said...

I don't think you go on at all Edward, I find your posts very interesting and I like all your pictures too.
I can see a big difference in Bold Hawk in just the few days you have had him. He looks much better and seems to have settled in well.
I think the farrier will be able to help with the dishing by fitting special shoes (which you mentioned on your comment to Allhorsestuff), so it will be worth trying.
I love little Pip, and although he is at the bottom of the pecking order, I think he doesn't seem to mind that much.

juliette said...

Hi Edward! Thank you for stopping over at my blog - I can't remember if I commented, but I did read your posts about getting Bold Hawk and saw his sad photos - but he looks better already! You are really doing a great job with him. He is lucky to have been rescued by you!