Tuesday 21 June 2011

Fix You up Good and Proper

WARNING this post contains blood and gore.

In my last post I mentioned Tipper being kicked and sent lame, well he isn’t lame any more so take that lameness and don’t come back. Anyway here is what’s going on with his injury, and how we are treating it.

This is his injury on day one, it is quite easy to see how bad it is, its not too bad just a nasty flesh wound, but obviously its pretty painful, you should be able to see a flap of skin, now the vet would probably cut this off but we haven’t got anything suitable for the job so it stayed.

Here is day two, as you can see the injury has become infected and has swollen despite us using Cut and Graze, Chestfields product. I am not surprised a nasty wound normally gets infected, but it is nothing too bad just a bit of puss.

Day three, you can see it is draining well from the mess down his leg all that bad stuff coming out, so that’s good.

Day three still, we used Hibiscrub to clean out the wound making sure to get all of the puss out and giving the wound a good soaking in Hibiscrub to help kill off any infection.

Day four, as you can see it is looking pretty good now after having been cleaned again, and the swelling has gone down a lot to so that is great, so like I said at the start of this post he is no longer lame, and is well on his way to full recovery. Sorry to any of you that are squeamish, I hope it wasn’t too bad and I will understand if you skip this post.

Thanks for the comments on my last post.

Sherri, yep it does take quite sometime giving them all a rub down, but it is fun and the photos are sweet, of course it also stops them losing weight from getting cold. And as for Tippers’ wound I hope this post has shown you that he is well on his way to recovery.

Abby, our horses don’t have hind shoes, Niko’s got the fronts on, and so has Tipper, but the rest of them are unshod, probably for the best considering how much damage they do to one another with no shoes. Poor Spotty getting kicked all the time that’s just not fair. Tipper is young and clumsy, but I am sure he will grow out of his clumsiness, hopefully sooner rather then later.

Debi, hmm maybe I am a horse collector, but only two of them are mine, Niko and Tipper, the others all belong to my family, but yes we do have quite a lot of them. Yes it’s most likely they are still sorting out who’s who but I hope this won’t happen again. How old is Ace I was just wondering?

allhorsestuff, feel free to call Tipper or Bold Hawk what you like, but please stick to one so I know who you mean, I will still call him Tipper but that doesn’t mean you have to I don’t mind if you call him Bold or Tipperhawk. Yep I am looking forward to seeing him without his scars. You said about an ill fitted saddle but you also said you have got rid of all the white hairs so no harm done, I am sure she appreciates what you are doing for her now. Yes I was wondering if it might hurt him to pick his feet up.


Autumn Mist said...

Goodness I didn't know this had happened, poor boy. Typical TB I'm afraid. Hope it gets sorted soon. I hate it when they get injured.

Sherri B. said...

Glad that he is healing up...I hurried through and didn't look until it was to the getting better part. Thanks for the warning.

RDA Pony Tales said...

With the great job you are doing with wound cleaning, it should heal in no time. Did you hose the area with cold water to treat the swelling or did it just come down on it's own as it healed?
I did have a thought about Tipper not liking his feet picked up. Has he previously been shod on all four hooves? Sometimes a farrier can get impatient with a horse and be rough with them. I once saw a farrier really hit a horse for being difficult (he was replaced with a new farrier very quickly!). Horses do remember these things, so Tipper may have had a bad experience. I think with the kindness and patience you are showing him, once he trusts you, he will pick his feet up without any bother. Anyway, you are doing the best thing by taking things slowly.
We have had so much rain here and the rest of the week looks much the same. Hope the weather is more settled where you live. Abby

allhorsestuff said...

Wow! That is some wound. Good for you, doing your own work. Will you have the very out?
You mentioned..it won't be happening again, how will you prevent that?
Sweet about you not minding what I called Tipper..but he is your Tipper, and the fat beagle, is now replaced! "~'

Last year, Wa mare ran away, after me being dumped off another horse that was spooked by the scent of a cougar (it was standing ).
I was ponying Wa. She ran, hit the pavement in a left turn, skidded on the road, ripped her stifle up & elbow.
First thing the vet did, sedation, Novalson sol scrub, then he cut all that flapping skin off.

I hope that Tipper's wound heals well, sorry that happend. I'm fast worse with people injuries..can handle the animal ones for some reason!

Carpe Diem Events Blog said...

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