Tuesday 25 October 2011

These Boots Are Made for Walking, Riding, and Maybe Sometimes Running

Sometime ago I bought a pair of second-hand Tredstep gaiters, and today my jodhpur boots arrived, they are not Tredstep. Anyways here are my new foot/leg wear I know that to many of you it probably looks a bit tatty but it was cheap and I prefer this to my old riding boots.

The boots are just standard jodhpur boots, they are very comfy but they do have grippy treads, which I have been advised against because they can stick in the stirrup iron and you’ll be pulled along with your horse. Still the other pair were out of stock so I just went with these, and at the moment I am not really going to fall off doing what I am doing. I think if I was to go cross-country I might have to worry. Well I am happy with the boots anyway.

In other news Tipper’s still sound from the walk work I have been doing with him, he’s still not ready to go up a pace but it’s coming along nicely.

I’ve also been trying to get Murphy’s mane to stay on the right side, it really, really doesn’t want to, I tried plaiting it and leaving it for a few days but when I un-plaited it soon went back to the wrong side.

And I am going to have a lesson tomorrow so let’s hope that all goes well. Now I must be off to clean my tack, I'll try to catch up with your blogs over the next few days and reply to your comments.


RDA Pony Tales said...

I think your gaiters and boots look very smart... a great purchase. Glad to read all is going well with Tipper. Murphy is looking well and from what I could see of Pip too :) Thanks for your comments about Spotty... much appreciated. Hope you have another good lesson. Abby

Barbara said...

I wear paddock boots and half chaps all the time. If they are clean, they look like tall boots from about 10 feet away.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh so very smart looking!! Love that simple look.

I've been liking my tread thick boots and with the heal, no worries for going through the stirrups! I need rubber base , or I slip too much outdoors on the ground and in stirrups.

Have fun in the lesson! Glad Tipper is staying sound. Now thats what straw is good for , right there...a flat out! Too cute

Sherri B. said...

I love those boots, they do look very comfy! Have a good lesson!

AC Quigley said...

Your boots and gaiters look great! Can't you always tell when they are new - so clean and shiny!

Edward said...

Thank you all for the comments.

Abby, glad you think they look smart. All the horses and ponies are healthy, I noticed you said what you can see of Pip well quite soon I’ll be doing a post on the little chap so you’ll be able to see and read how he’s getting on.

Barbara, yes that’s one of the reasons I like them, I am far from a fan of a short boot but I love the look of them when they are combined with half chaps or gaiters.

KK, good that you like the look. I am in a way happy to have the grippy treads because last winter I did find myself slipping and ending up on my but with shocked look on my face far too often, so I think in many cases grippy treads are good. Tipper sure loves the straw he can munch it and when he gets tired he can just pop down for a snooze.

Sherri, oh they are comfy, so very comfy, I love new boots.

Andrea, yes the new boots are so very shiny it’s always nice to get a new pair of boots, sadly my boots are all muddy now I must clean them.

And finally before I go I did have my lesson today and it went very well thanks.

Margaret said...

Are you telling me there is a correct side a mane is supposed to be on? Ha. I love my English chaps...they just zip up and when I'm done, off they go and I am much more comfy. I love coming upon a horse resting on the ground... So sweet.

Edward said...

Thanks for commenting, Margaret and sadly yes there is a correct side that the mane should lay on, it’s meant to lay on the right side so the off side of the horse. It’s a nice sight to see they always look so content when they are flat out like that plus I get to sit with them, all the horses are so soft right now as they have just started to grow winter coats.

Margaret said...

Yes, I agree... I love the fuzziness ... but do you body clip during the winter months? I'm considering it... or I could just work them a bit less hard and give them a bit of a winter "break". It might be good for them. And just work them during the middle of the "warm" part of the day... I'm able to do that with my schedule... I also might get a.. is it called.. a cooling down blanket.

Edward said...

No I haven’t clipped in the winter before but I am thinking that I might have too this winter because Niko’s work is a lot harder on him than it has been before, he definitely won’t get a full body clip if he is clipped. You’re just about there with the name, it’s called a cooler here in England, but I don’t know if it’s called something different in the USA. And that’s not a joke because your instructor is called James Cooler, we really do call them that. I think a cooler might be a good idea. As for clipping it really depends on how big the work load is for your horses and how much of a winter coat they grow. Sebastian may get quite a thick winter coat because he has Friesian in him, but I wouldn’t know about Oberon. I am anything but an expert on clipping but I would say to wait and see if they start getting real sweaty then go ahead and clip, don’t give them a full clip especially if you intend to be trail riding. It’s a very good idea to leave the legs un-clipped. Still if you do clip you’ll have to rug, I don’t know if you already intend to rug though the winter. Anyways good luck with it all.

Margaret said...

Thanks! Sounds like possibly a bit of clipping might be in order... I think they both will be wooly bears! But I will wait and see and perhaps working them a bit more lightly and using a "cool-down" blanket will be all that is needed. It doesn't get anywhere near as cold as it did where we lived in MI ... windchill way below zero! Here it gets around 30 at night (sometimes a bit colder) but that is unusual and doesn't last long. Maybe a touch of snow some years. Again, thanks for your thoughts on the subject... I'm learning here too! :)