Sunday 31 July 2011

Five Tips to Help Your Horse Look Their Best

Every one likes their horse or pony to look its best and I do too so here are five tips to help with keeping your equine looking good.

Tip One, always use a soft brush on your horse’s tail and mane, I suggest a body brush this will help to keep the tail and mane shiny and soft, and will stop a lot of the hair being pulled out as it is when you use a harder brush or comb.

Tip Two, brush your horse after you have worked them, try not to make them sweat but get them so they are nearly breaking into one, this will cause the dirt in the coat to rise to the surface of the coat and make it easy clean off.

Tip Three, give your horse a feed a day it can be very small depending on your horse’s weight, a little bit of good quality feed every day will help keep their coat healthy and shiny, it will also provide them with protein that is important to keeping them healthy.

Tip Four, good quality forage is one of the best ways to keep your horse looking good, haylage is better quality than hay as it is kept very fresh and as a result holds more of the grasses goodness. But can be hard to keep from going off once the bale has been opened, also some horses and ponies will run to fat quickly on a diet of haylage so it’s important to consider if hay is going to be the better choice. A healthy diet is very important to keeping your horse shiny and looking good.

Tip Five, working your horse is also a good way to keep them looking their best, a fit horse with a shiny coat is always going to look better than a fat horse with a shiny coat, fitness will keep your horse healthy and a healthy horse is a shiny horse and a shiny horse looks good.

And there you go five tips to help keep your horse or pony looking good, shiny, and healthy, because a healthy horse is a happy horse, hope it helps any of you that did not already know this.


juliette said...

Great tips - especially the soft brush on manes and tails!

I found a source for haylage here, but the farmer was worried that it might be to rich for horses. Not sure if your (UK) haylage is the same as ours (US)?

Michelle said...

I wish I would have known about using a soft brush on the mane and tail when I had my Rosie. I used a human hair brush and her tail was forever breaking off hairs.

Great tips. I think you should submit them to a horsie magazine and see if they will publish them. I think it would benefit a lot of people.

Mary said...

All very good tips!