Monday 25 April 2011

Back In the Saddle

First of all I hope you all had a very Happy Easter, now on with the blogging. I have finally got back in the saddle and it feels brilliant to be riding again. I rode Niko first and now I am back to riding Madeline as well, at the moment I’ve been riding in the field next to the one that the horses/ponies are grazing in, as they are getting upset if they can’t see one another.

There is also a track next to the field that is great fun to canter along, and all the other horses/ponies can see whoever is being ridden so they are all happy. We have a field that was going to be for riding in but at the moment it has lots of holes from where the trees were taken out, oh and it has all the trees that were taken out in a mound in the middle of it.

I am riding out of sight of the horses/ponies for a little bit every time I ride to try and get them used to not being able to see one a another, so far ever time I have gone out of sight one of horses/ponies has called to the one I am riding, but we will get there in the end, not sure how long it will take.

Oh and now we have moved I’ve got no jumps so that could be a problem if I want to practise my jumping, but we do have a log that could make a cross country jump, anyway I am just happy to be riding again.

Thank you all very much for all your comments on my blog, I have just recently hit 100 comments on my blog, so a very special thank you to all my commenters.

Abby, what is he dreaming of, I hate to say it but probably Madeline he seems to be feeling his feet, he has become a lot more coltish recently.

Sherri, yep we couldn’t be happier about moving the horses and pony.
Autmun Mist, yes Pip is adorable isn’t he, but he does have the habit of sneeking up on you and giving you a good nip, not so adorable.


Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

hi edward! thank you so much enlightening me about my toad~ tee hee...sounds funny but i really did enjoy your comment. kudos to you for riding again. i need to get on my blue but today proved too busy.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog Edward and I hope you had a very happy Easter too.
I sometimes ride my friends horse and he does call to the others when we go out but it is not a problem. Yours will all get used to leaving each other in time. Could you use the trees you took out to make some jumps with? The track you have looks great for riding on and it is nice to see you are back in the saddle again. Abby

Sherri B. said...

What a pretty, green place to do your riding. That is funny, that if you get out of the others sight, one will call out, I guess they want to make sure you aren't taking off without them.