Sunday 17 April 2011

Settling in

Now that all the horses are in the same place they can start to settle down, and Pip can meet Niko, Madeline and Murphy. Pip seems to like all the newcomers but for now he’s got to go in a different section of the field because of his lice problem which we are still trying to treat.

We had some trees left in the paddock, Niko looks like he approves, he has been very sleepy today probably all the excitement of the move and all that grass.

Murphy also likes the trees or at least he likes the grass that is growing near them, Murphy is settling in very well, I think he is really enjoying having some real grass to eat.

Madeline is very interested in Pip she loves little equines. Once at the yard we have just left a Miniature Donkey got in to the same field as Madeline, and she wouldn’t let Niko anywhere near it, in the end she scared the donkey away by being too friendly.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post.

Abby, yes the fence is working very well, my Mother and I have both accidentally touched it, and that is not a recommended way of testing if the fence is working.

Sherri, I too am happy they have finally moved, no more smoky stables.

Kritter Keeper, hello and welcome to my blog, I would have liked to have post and rail but electric fencing was so much cheaper and Niko is less likely to break it by cribbing on it.


RDA Pony Tales said...

Looks like they are all getting on well which is so nice to see in your pictures. It is very easy to forget about the electric fence. One day when I was not able to help at the RDA centre, someone else was leading Spotty with a child on him. They turned him around too close to the fence and when he got a shock on his bottom he shot forward and the child fell off. Fortunately they were ok but poor Spotty was a nervous wreck for the following two weeks. They soon learn to keep away from it, and I do too! Abby

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

oh i remember my sister tricking me in touching the weed that was touching the electric fence while visiting gramp's farm in vermont...evil sister of mine! :) we have electric solar for the garden...haven't touched it yet and do not want to...ouch!!

Michelle said...

I, too, got an uexpected jolt from an electric fence while trying to get Rosie out of her paddock. Don't ever want to do that again!

The pony's look happy and content...probably why Niko was sleepy. Horses are prey animals and they have to feel very safe before they nod off. Proof that you are doing an outstanding job with your equines.

allhorsestuff said...

OOu! I got ZAPPED the other know you are alive when that happens! Sorry!

SO happy that yours wonderful horses/ponys are kept perfectly now! LOVE that grass!