Tuesday 12 April 2011

The Elim-a-Net

I bought these haynets when we were having fatty problems, as the horses had gone on to haylage and it can be quite fatty compared to hay, I wanted the horses to be able to munch away but just not munch it away so fast, so I bought the Elim-a-Net.

The Elim-a-Net comes in three different sizes pony, cob, and horse, I bought pony sized ones. I know Niko and Madeline are horses but pony size is surprisingly big. We still feed from the floor if they are just having a quick meal, and for their night time feed they also have a bit on the floor.

The haynets get damaged quickly but as of yet we have not had one completely destroyed, and as you can see the horses are happy despite the new hay nets, so I think they are pretty good, but if you aren’t having fat problems I would say stick to feeding from the floor. Thank you for your comments on my last post,

Abby, yep luckily I am right handed so it’s not all bad, you really start to notice how much you use your index finger when you can’t use it with out it hurting.

Michelle, am doing pretty good at keeping it clean, I was told that I would need to go back to A and E so maybe they will re dress it I don’t know.


RDA Pony Tales said...

We have haylage at the moment. Last week Spotty managed to escape with his pal Merlin from the paddock and they made their way into the barn and spend all night eating the haylage. The yard manager found them the next morning looking very sheepish and of course very full!! I think I better buy one of these Elim-a-Nets for My Fat Spotty Pony! Hope your finger is ok, it is a good idea to get the dressing changed if you are working with the horses to lessen the risk of infection. I am sure the doctor will have suggested that anyway. Abby

Michelle said...

At the barn where I boarded Rosie, many people used hay nets. Great idea for a pudgy pony. I am thinking about getting my dog one of those bowl with a dome in the middle, as it is suppose to slow down their eating. Sasha, my youngest airedale terrier practically inhales her food. Too bad dogs don't have things like hay nets, because Sasha is a bit on the plump side.