Friday 1 April 2011

Good Hooves Good Horse

Today has been pretty uneventful, but we have had the farrier come and do Niko’s and Madeline’s feet. Murphy has never had the farrier, and nor has Pip, we will be needing to have Pip done soon. Here is a photo of Niko’s nicely trimmed hooves looking a lot better than they were. Niko has shoes on his fore feet but he is not shod on the hind, when we got him he had a complete set but it soon became clear that he didn’t need them. Here’s a photograph of Madeline’s hoof, Madeline has not been shod since we have had her, but maybe when she is doing harder work we will have her shod. Anyway that is all we have really done today as I always let the horse have a day off work when the farrier has been. * Thank you all for your comments, Sherri, I think you are right they look like they love it, Abby, Bartl are great I would like to buy Niko a Bartl noseband cover, they are so soft.

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RDA Pony Tales said...

With gleaming coats and neat hooves, your horses look like they have been to a health spa!
Hope you enjoy your riding over the weekend. Abby