Friday 13 May 2011

Funny Faces

Today it is time for some horse photo, as I think my last posts haven’t had quite as much equine content, they have been more about the paddock and stuff. So here is Murphy looking a bit mad.

Here is Niko having one of his many meals of the day. Ah goofy but sweet.

And here is Murphy again, let’s hope the wind doesn’t change.

This one is of Madeline after having had a mint, she loves them but she does pull some funny faces after eating one.

Here is anther one of Murphy he is very photogenic, is that a bad taste in his mouth.

And finally here is Pip, I am not sure if this is a sweet face or an ugly face, but it looks funny to me.

I have been having some trouble signing in with Blogger any one else? I have finally got to sign in and it has deleted my last post, so what is that all about? I really hate Blogger sometimes.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post I don’t know who left comments because it is all deleted, and I check my comments when I do a new post, now I will have to do that post again but maybe later.

1 comment:

RDA Pony Tales said...

Blogger has been down for nearly 24 hours. I was about to leave a comment on your last post when it went off. They have been doing maintenance and are trying to restore the posts that went missing so your older post will re-appear at some point.
Anyway, I am pleased you got to work in your paddock with your fork and got rid off the ragwort, it is nasty and lethal stuff...
but a great photo of the moth!
The photos on this post are brilliant too, I am not sure which is my favorite, Niko always looks good in the photos, but I do think Pip is so sweet and I love that last picture. Spotty pulls a face after eating a polo, it must be the minty taste, so funny. Hope Blogger gets back to normal soon. Have a great weekend, Abby