Friday 6 May 2011

First Impressions

Today has been a very eventful day, we have finally introduced Pip to the others. So first of all Madeline and Murphy met Pip Niko was out grazing along the track so he met Pip later. Here is Pip and Murphy getting on quite well, Murphy looks a bit grumpy but they were all right.

And here is Pip trying to get Madeline’s attention, when Madeline first came into Pip’s part of the paddock she gave Pip a kick when he was not very respectful of her space, still he was fine and Madeline was okay with him after that.

Anyway by that time Niko was done grazing and ready to met Pip, wow they are getting on well just friendly horse talk, they will be friends in no time, or will they?

And then Niko suddenly decided he didn’t like this little pony, and it was up to him to show this pony who’s the boss around here.

And not just once but again and again, Niko really had it in his head that Pip needed a good bite and he was the one to do it.

And then they were all at it, Pip had been trying to bite Niko’s and Madeline’s noses and as you have see Niko got his revenge, and then Madeline had a go as well.

Poor Pip no where to turn, no one small to have a go at, or was there oh yes that little Welsh pony why not him, and so Pip had his revenge just not on the right equine, but hey revenge is revenge right? And Niko had his for Murphy in one last act.

Pip had calmed down in the corner, and everyone else was grazing in the main part of the paddock, when Pip looked up at Madeline, Murphy and Niko, big mistake, for some reason Niko went running at Pip, Pip didn’t know were to run and so he didn’t, Niko knocked straight into Pip biting him, and then oops Pip went back in to the electric fencing.

Pip spent the rest of the time the others were in his part of the paddock hiding, anyway they are all back in their part of the paddock now so Pip can rest easy, this may all seem quite brutal but it is just how they sort out who is the boss.

Thanks for the comments on my last post.

Sherri, that sounds about right Murphy is a smart little guy.

C and C Antiques and Animals, yes it is a lot easier to make sure everyone gets their share when they are in boxes

Abby, I am not very good at dodging I remember when Madeline shooed Niko away, he ran right over me, luckily I was ok but I would have liked to just dodge, I was nearly run down by Murphy today but he is a lot smaller then Niko.


Sherri B. said...

That sounds about how it is with chickens too. If a new one comes in then the others are horrid to them, sometimes they are always picked on by a few of them but the others may take to them after a bit...Hope everything settles down in the next few days.

Have a wonderful weekend.

RDA Pony Tales said...

You certainly captured Pip's introduction to the others very well on camera. It is difficult initially when they decide who is who in the pecking order, but they soon sort themselves out and settle down. Poor Spotty has arthritis in his hind legs so he does not always get out the way quick enough and ends up getting kicked and bitten more often. He does hold his own though when the food arrives!
Enjoy your weekend, Abby

allhorsestuff said...

Oh! That one shot with pip rearing..looks like a dance move, and a kiss!

Well TB's either love or hate ponies. Mine had never met one before, and when a cute little one happened to be on a ride with us with her very young I stood and greeted mare sniffed the air, then reared up at it! Good thing we were NOT standing close at all...I'm wary of new horses in general, with mine.

Pip is good that he is not like my Welsh pony...going after the horse that did not like her...kicking the dickens out of its hocks.