Sunday 29 May 2011

New Tack Old Tack

I have now got my saddle back. It is a bit of a tatty old thing as you can see in the photo, you can also probable see it is VERY dirty! But I am still happy to have it back, I have been doing a lot of cantering, because I was not doing so much when I was riding bareback, and I think its got to be my favourite pace on Niko, I prefer trot on Madeline, but anyway I am getting off track or should I say off tack.

So here is the next piece of tack, this is a great new bridle, it has a padded nose band, and a padded brow band, so hopefully it will be more comfortable than Niko’s old bridle, well even if it isn’t he can’t have his old bridle back, because it met a sad end, at the hooves of Madeline.

At least my favourite reins were not destroyed with the other tack, and here they are my favourite plaited reins, they are great and not as big as lots of other reins, so are very easy to use. Plus I really like the way they look, they are a bit tatty on the inside, but they were very cheap, so I am very happy with them, and they have served me well so far.

Thank you all very much for all of your comments on my last post,

Sherri, let’s hope Bold Hawk sees it the same way, I would like him too enjoy his time with us, after all a happy horse is a well behaved horse.

Abby, I love quotes and here is one for Spotty and Bold Hawk, “You don’t throw a whole life away just ‘cause he’s banged up a little”, ( Chris Cooper ) from the movie Seabiscuit, I think this is right just because Spotty has arthritis and Bold Hawk dishes, doesn’t mean they can’t be great.

Allhorsestuff, thanks for telling me about the blog I took a look at it, and I am now following it, it’s a very interesting blog and has some lovely horses, so thanks again.

Connie, yep let’s hope, but even if he doesn’t have much talent at least we can get him looking good, with a nice shine and hopefully build up his confidence a bit while he is with us.


Anonymous said...

I always prefer older leather, isn't it so much nicer than the stiff new stuff?

Blogger still isn't fixed all of the way, I am, once again, having the same old problems...sigh..

Sherri B.

RDA Pony Tales said...

I don't think your saddle looks dirty, it just has a "lived in" look. New saddles can cost the earth and I think that if it fits Niko and is comfortable for you to ride in, then that is all that matters. Niko looks very good in his new bridle and I like the look of your plaited reins too. When will Bold Hawk be arriving to join the others? Abby

allhorsestuff said...

YEA!!! Isn't nice to have stirrups again!

That saddle does look "lived in" -did you have it reflocked?
I took all manner of photo's yesterday, thinking of your favorite tack! It will be an upcomming post. Everyone should chime in cause WHO doesn't have some old or even newer favorites!?
Thanks for the thought for the post Edward.

How is that newest eddition to your herd cmming along?

Debi said...

What a pretty face that horse has? Debi