Wednesday 18 May 2011

Messy Moulting

Not to long ago I bought this shedding blade, it does look quite harsh, but if used carefully it is very good at getting out old winter coats. I don’t really use it on the thoroughbreds much, because their coats are to thin still it is very useful for the ponies.

I know, I know what a mess Pip’s coat is, I had no idea that white/grey equines got stained quite so easily, anyway I have been using this shedding blade on he’s winter coat.

As you can see it is very good at getting the hair out, but it does make a mess I was covered in white hair after grooming Pip,

And here is a photo of Murphy, it really does look bad he seems to be going bald in some places, but I am not too worried about it because it looks like it is just how he moults.

This is a photo of Murphy’s hind leg, it looks fine and it is and this is why I am not worried, because not too long ago it was bald just like the photo above, but now all the fur has grown back as a nice summer coat, so hopefully he will do the same with the rest of his coat.

Ah here is a photo of Niko as you can see he has some moulting left to do, he has these funny looking patches of winter fur on the sides of his tummy, and he’s got some left on his bottom jaw and upper neck as well, so let’s hope that all goes soon.

Here is Madeline she is pretty much fine, and doesn’t really have a winter coat
anymore, but there is still a little bit left to come out, still I am sure most of that will come out by its self.

Thank you all very much for the comments on my last post,

Sherri, thanks I was very pleased with the photos, so I am glad that you liked them.

Hannah @ BubbleBay, yep I was really surprised when I learnt that they have the biggest eyes, with there being so many huge mammals.

Abby, I absolutely agree with you, and you are just about spot on, both the ponies have a lot of mischief in their eyes Murphy more then Pip, but I think Pip has kinder eyes then Murphy. I have always said that Niko has a very kind face but I do sometimes think that he looks quite sad. Madeline does have kind eyes but with a little bit of mischief some times, but I don’t think I have seen a horse with wicked eyes yet. Thanks for asking about my finger, and yes it is completely healed now with just a little scar.


Sherri B. said...

I know who will love finding Pips fur on the ground...the birds who are making nests, they will think that is a real bonus. Yesterday I saw a bird fly off with a down feather from one of the chickens. hahaha.

RDA Pony Tales said...

I did smile when I read this post as I know only too well what it is like to own a grey pony. I came home the other day covered in hair,(I am always giving Spotty hugs which does not help), after trying to get the last bits of winter coat out. Grey hair is also all over the car seat and even has got onto other clothes in the washing machine. The only good thing about greys is that they do not look such a different colour when the coat changes. The shedding blade is brilliant and works really well, hopefully their coats will look much neater soon. My friends horse went mental for some reason the other day and she said "he narrowed his eyes and looked really wicked". I told her about my comments on your post and she laughed.. but, she also said if he did it again then he is getting sold! Abby