Saturday 4 June 2011

Special Delivery

Yesterday Bold Hawk was delivered, and here he is, yes a bit of a mess but a very kind mess, Bold Hawk is so friendly, he is a bit gangly but he is only five so he might fill out a bit. We put him in a separate part of the paddock until he has been wormed, we have wormed him today but we need to give it time to work before he can go in with the others,

I said about him having a lot of scars on my old post about him, and here is a photo showing some of them, not a very pretty sight. I am going to try and get his fur to grow back I have heard of some stuff you can use for it, but I am not sure it will really work, one of things I heard about was bacon grease so it all seems a bit far fetched, but we shall see.

And here is one of Bold Hawk’s front hooves, it’s looking a bit worse for wear but it doesn’t seem to affect him, unless that is why he dishes. Anyway he is ok about having a groom but he is a bit sensitive, I think this is just because he is not used to having a fuss made of him, however he is scared to have his front legs picked up, and will start to tremble if you finally do get him to pick them up, still I wouldn’t have been buying a project horse if he was perfect.

But here he is enjoying our lovely haylage. The other horses have been over to check out what is going on, they aren’t too fussed about it all, but Pip seems very interested, he has been following Bold Hawk around just on his side of the fence, maybe they will be good friends.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post.

Sherri, yes a hack is a ride on a trail it is pretty much just what the English would call a trail ride, don’t really know why we call it a hack must find out some time.

Abby, I normally hack by myself but I don’t really have any where to hack that has gates so I am ok with that. I think I would probably have to dismount to open the gates so it is just as well that there are no gates.

Autumn Mist, yep it sure is hot here, for now anyway, I ride Madeline in a rubber straight bar snaffle.

Debi, yes safety first I don’t think I would ever take my helmet off on a hack, too risky, winter is such a pain especially with no indoor ménage.


Sherri B. said...

It is hard to look at the pictures so I went through them fast. Poor Bold Hawk, I'm sure he will fill out and feel happy soon with your care and love for him.

RDA Pony Tales said...

He has such a lovely face, but he looks like he has had a rough time. Your farrier should be able to sort out his hooves and I am sure his fur will grow once he has put weight on and you could add some supplements into his feed to help, but I am sure you know all this anyway. I am pleased he has gone to a good home where he will be properly looked after. Have a nice weekend. Abby

allhorsestuff said...

Oh...he just looks so happy to be there! I'm so happy you took him Edward! Hel fill out, relax into routines..
Even with his feet. Will you keep him shod?
"calm coat"grows back hair really well..
All these other saddles I've tired over the years, would cause white hairs...I've successfully gotten rid of all spots, with massage and"calm coat". One bootle lasts years..its great on bug bites, and prevents them too, because of the herbs in it.

Oh Beautiful BOLD HAWK, be well and trust your new boy, he'll be so good to you!
He looks so sweet!

Autumn Mist said...

Oh he's lovely, but he's going to need lots of TLC, isn't he? I think he'll be transformed in a few months. Ex-racehorses are so intelligent and so eager to please. I think you'll have a lot of fun with him. Cornucrescine makes hair grow back. I'm not keen on it for hoof growth, but it's very good for hair.