Tuesday 8 November 2011

The HoneyChop Horses

In the past I have mentioned that we use HoneyChop in the horses feed and how much they love it, well sometime ago I posted that I’d been trying the horses on HoneyChop plus Garlic, which went down very well. I also received a comment from HoneyChop asking if they might be able to use some of my photos, here’s the link to my post.

After HoneyChop had let me know what photos they wanted to use, I was happy to say yes, and as a token of their appreciation they gave me five free bags of HoneyChop and I was allowed to choose the type of HoneyChop as well, thank you very much HoneyChop.

Anyway the HoneyChop website has now received its full makeover complete with some of my photos and many more, the new website is great it’s very informative and helpful. Here is a link to the HoneyChop website, take a look around and you’ll probably spot Tipper and maybe some of my other photos.


horse care courses said...

Congratulations Edward, Niko & Tipper

RDA Pony Tales said...

I will have to ask your horses for their autograph or should I say hoof prints :) It is great that you got some free HoneyChop, but credit to you for your brilliant pictures!
Will you please thank your Mother for her comment on my post, and tell her I am looking into Vetrofen for Spotty which she mentioned, and for which I am very grateful. Abby

Sherri B. said...

I agree with Abby, you do take brilliant pictures as I have said before. You have a way of capturing such great looks on their faces, the one in this post is a perfect example. Congratulations on the recognition that you deserve!

Debi said...

You guys are STARS!! What a wonderful thing to happen for your horses. I'll have to get over to honeychop and take a look.

Autumn Mist said...

Wow! Congratulations, I've never heard of anything happening like that before. I'm not surprised though, as your photos are great, the one on this post is fabulous.

Edward said...

Thanks you all for your very kind comments, I am glad you like my photos
Abby, thanks for your kind comment. I’ve let my mother know you say thanks, she says no problem and if you do go with it to let us know how Spotty gets on with it.