Friday 8 April 2011

Taking The Day Off

Ah time for a well earned day off, not for me for the horse of course, all the horses have had the day off. They all get their days off but normally I try to alternate, so Madeline has the day off while Niko works and vice versa, obviously there are days when they both work.

I really don’t know why but Madeline felt it necessary to spend her time licking me while I tried to take photos of her, pretty odd but sort of sweet, after licking my hands she had a go at my riding hat too, but she didn’t seem to like the hat.

And suddenly BAM! You never see it coming. I have to say a horse that big hurts when it steps on you, luckily just give any of our horse a little push on the shoulder and they quickly realize what they have done, and are happy to step off of your foot.

Here is Madeline and her best buddy Indie, Madeline likes all the really bossy mares and Indie is a bossy mare indeed, sadly this means that the yard owners think she is dangerous, she isn’t they are just being stupid.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post.

Sherri and Michelle, I think a neck strap it will have to be then, if I should try and take photos on horse back again.


Sherri B. said...

Once again you have taken the sweetest photos, especially Madeline licking cute!

Have a great weekend.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Lovely photos Edward, I am impressed that you managed a photo with a hoof on your foot before moving Madeline off it! I have been away so missed your last post, but I think all horses have a bit of a spook at something on a hack (some more than others!) the main thing is, like Niko, they are good in traffic. Spotty bucks when it is very windy so I only ride out in calm weather!! Have a great weekend and thanks for my "birthday" comments. Abby